Monday, December 8, 2014

Khadi Oatmeal & Honey Bathing Bar Review

Among the glistening array of handmade soaps that I am using, I pick to review the Khadi Oatmeal & Honey Bathing Bar.

About Khadi Oatmeal & Honey Bathing Bar:
Naturally exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing with the goodness of oatmeal and honey. Honey actively fights to kill bacteria and works well for all types of skin. This soap has loofah fibers that unclogs pores - allowing your skin to breathe freely and naturally.
This soap is created for those who love lush luxury and the sweet aroma of natural honey. Honey has healing, calming and softening properties in its natural form. We at The Khadi Shop are big fans of this flavour and we are sure you will love it too.

Price: Rs.70 for 125 g Available here

Packaging: Khadi Oatmeal & Honey Bathing Bar comes in a transparent plastic wrap.

Product: The soap bar is transculent dark orange at one side and opaque brown on the other side with a sweet aroma.

My Experience: Generally I love how tempting handmade soaps look, and with the dual toned Khadi Oatmeal & Honey Bathing Bar it is no exception. I like the beautiful sweet & cereal like smell. The soap lathers moderately and leaves a long lasting and exotic experience behind. I love to take warm showers during winter, and generally the heat of the water strips off the natural oils in your body. But with a soap, that is tender and less harsh for the skin, you can assure a safe bathing. The soap gives a very soft skin and would be suitable for dry skin too. It does not dry out the skin at all. The suppleness lasts for a really long time along with the sweet aroma.

Khadi Oatmeal & Honey Bathing Bar is one of the most luxurious soaps I have used so far. The loofah fibers present in the soap exfoliates the skin and sheds of dead skin cells. The sweet fragrance, the exotic feel and the affordability definitely makes it a must-have product for the Christmas season.

1.Contains essential oil.
2.Glycerin based
3.Makes skin soft & smooth
4.Does not leave skin dry
5.Oatmeal fibers exfoliate skin
6. Suitable for dry skin
7.Smells great
8.Fragrance stays for a long time
9.Great for winters
10.Very decently priced

1.Nothing that I can think of


Khadi Oatmeal & Honey Bathing Bar is an exfoliating bathing bar with excellent hydrating and softening properties. The invigorating aroma and the sweetness of honey just makes it and irresistible option for my shower and I will recommend it to all of you who has a like for sweet aroma.

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