Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#LifeInFastForward with Kalki & Olay India

Are we not tired of looking at glossy advertisements everywhere about the perfect skincare regime, complete with 6 to 9 steps using a whole bunch of products that address different problems of your skin? But coming to reality, does our fast life allow us to sit in front of the mirror and complete a 9 steps skin care routine. Well, practically, no.

How about getting a single product that addresses 7 Signs of Ageing? Sounds great in this #LifeInFastForward. The enigmatic actress Kalki shares her secret here:

As you know I am very strict when it comes to skincare and generally follow a strict regime, which can be quite tiring sometime, specially on days when you are really busy. And I think what she says is just perfect for women like us, who has a busy life be at home or at work. The Olay Total Effects is your smart way to look and feel younger with perfect radiance. I am definitely going to try it out. Are you?

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