Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Life Got Fuller by Indian Earthy Naturals

Hey beauties, those of you who follow my posts know how much I love handmade soaps and organic skin care products. Here are some beautiful handcrafted soaps from Indian Earthy Naturals:

About Indian Earthy Naturals:
Indian Earthy Naturals was founded with a strong message to turn natural in every aspect and drive out heavy chemicals that we are feeding our skin daily. The soaps are created it from scratch with naturally retained glycerin, which is created in the process of soap making. Generally transparent soaps with glycerin base are not 100% natural and often are laden with soap base that are made with lathering and hardening chemicals with minimal quality control. But as Indian Earthy Naturals soaps are conceptualized from birth, there is strict quality control over each batch. All ingredients are mentioned and these are saponified by traditional cold process method. 

Indian Earthy Naturals Products I received:

I have selected 5 soaps and 2 lip balms from the outstanding range of natural products from Indian Earthy Naturals

Indian Earthy Naturals Eath Green Clay Spa Soap:

With a lovely green body and an invigorating scent, this soap is sure going to give a clean bath experience.

Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Red Clay Spa Soap:

A brownish body and a mystic fragrance makes it a sure try for the season

Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Pink Clay Soap:

A nice pinkish body with a balancing aroma is a must-have for all earthy scent lovers.

Price: Set of 4 Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Soaps available here

Indian Earthy Naturals Love Indian Rose Handmade Soap:

A visual delight for all soap lovers with a floral scent.

Available here

Indian Earthy Naturals Green Tea Aloevera Soap:

A simple looking soap with a mild smell

Available here

Indian Earthy Naturals Lime Coconut Lip Balm & Rose Tint Lip Balm

The look of these babies is making me go crazy. Would love to try soon
Available here  & here

I will be reviewing these awesome products from Indian Earthy Naturals one by one in the coming weeks.

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