Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nirvaaha Natural Uptan Body Scrub Review

Hey all,December is here and so is the cold & dry season. It is very necessary to take good care of our skin this time around, specially the body. I have been using some Nirvaaha Natural Skin Care products from sometime. Today I will be reviewing the Nirvaaha Natural Uptan Body Scrub.

About Nirvaaha Natural Uptan Body Scrub:
Nirvaaha Body Scrub (Natural Uptan) tones the skin, removes wrinkles and dark circles. Made from wild mustard, black sesame, chickpea, nagarmotha, majufal and manjeeth, this scrub gives your skin a natural and healthy glow. Uptan's key feature is that it revitalizes the skin.

Price: Rs.242 for 50g Available here at 15%
Ingredients: Black Mustard,Sesame,Barley,Chickpea,

Packaging: I have been provided the products in Sachets. The actual packaging is a jar with peach sticker.

Product: Nirvaaha Natural Uptan Body Scrub is a blackish brown powder with lot of fibrous substances. It smells very herbal.

My Experience: My body skin is quite dry so I make sure to moisturize twice a day and exfoliate at least once a week.  Even as a kid my mother used to make homemade Uptan scrubs out of chickpea flour, turmeric etc.But after growing up, due to lack of time I started using over-the counter body scrubs and some of those are really good. Nirvaaha Natural Uptan Body Scrub  reminded me of the scrubs my mom used to make. It is made out of real fibers. Instruction wise I made a paste my mixing it with milk. Then massaged it on my body for sometime with the scrub. It was easy to spread, however scrubs can be quite messy and can stain the walls and floor of the bathroom. After rinsing the scrub off when I pat dry with a towel, the skin feels very soft and pampered. 

Nirvaaha Natural Uptan Body Scrub makes your bath experience really majestic and leaves the skin supple and perfectly exfoliated. The unique combination of wild mustard, black sesame,Barley and Chickpea makes it an awesome agent to detoxify skin and eliminate dead cells without making the skin dry.

1.Totally natural ingredients
2.Can be used as face scrub
3.Exfoliates skin
4.Not abrasive
5.Leaves skin clean and radiant
6.Improves overall complexion
7.Good for all skin types
8.Chemical free
9.Unique ingredient list
10.Makes skin soft
11.Does not make skin dry

Nothing at all


Nirvaaha Natural Uptan Body Scrub is an excellent exfoliating agent for all skin types, infused with the goodness of natural ingredients. I highly recommend it to all those who love to pamper their skin with gift of nature.

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