Monday, December 8, 2014

Taking care of your hair and skin in the winter

The cold winter weather can be a real menace when it comes to your hair and skin, wreaking havoc and leaving it dry, unnourished and dull. Here are just a few top tips for taking care of your hair and skin in the winter helping you to not only look good but also to protect your skin against the early signs of aging.

1 – Wrap yourself up from your head down to your toes. Spoil yourself with a good pair of gloves, waterproof ones if possible to stop your skin from dying out and getting rough and flakey. If you do buy waterproof ones you’ll be able to wear them in the snow and your hands won’t get soaked if you touch it. You also need a warm hat to protect your hair, excessive exposure to the cold, harsh weather will make your hair brittle, dry and easily damaged. A scarf can help to keep you extra snuggly and protect your neck and chest.

2 – Keep warm indoors but not overly hot. If the temperature in your house is much warmer than that outside it can cause irritation to the skin and cause capillaries to break when you move from one extreme temperature to the other. Wear slippers indoors so that your feet don’t get cold and cause chilblains – this can make your toes swell up and be extremely painful. Hot showers and baths are tempting but not actually the best idea. Turn the temperature dial down to warm to really take care of your skin and your hair during the winter.

3 – Treat your hair well with shampoos and conditioners which will protect and heal your hair to prevent it from becoming dry, brittle and damaged. Use a more moisturizing shampoo than you would normally choose – an extensive moisturizing treatment every week or two can also reap dividends.

4 – Adjust your skin routine for the winter in a similar way to your hair. Use a heavier moisturizer during the winter months than in the summer because your skin will not naturally produce the same amount of oil in the winter. Moisturize religiously every morning, particularly before you go outside. Wash your face every night before you go to bed to remove the make-up and pollutants which can irritate the skin then apply plenty of moisturizer before you go to sleep. Use a gentle exfoliator a couple of times per week to remove the dead and dry skin which may become an issue during the cold weather.

5 – Use body butter all over your skin to prevent your entire body from drying out. It will not need quite as much attention as your face and hair because it is not as exposed as your face, hands and hair but it will need a different sort of care than in the summer.

6 – Don’t forget your lips. They can become chapped and split in the cold weather so apply plenty of moisturizing lip balm whilst you are seeing to the rest of your skin. Vaseline and petroleum jelly can create a suitable protective barrier between your lips and the cold air and lock in the moisture. Vaseline does not moisturize in itself, it just locks in the moisture which is already there.

7 – Apply a good quality hand cream regularly throughout the winter. This is particularly important if you don’t wear gloves when you go outside. You should apply hand cream every morning and every evening as well as every time you wash your hands.

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