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Amazing tips and tricks for acne treatment and care

A few simple tips and tricks of acne treatments to get relieved from the irritating pimples. Flaunt a rejuvenated and smooth skin with the best acne treatments.

Everybody knows someone who will cringe at the very sound of the word ‘acne’. Usually beginning during one’s teenage, acne breakouts may naturally stop by the age of twenty or they may have one trying to find remedies for pimples even beyond fifty years of age. However, acne treatment is not rocket science. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you keep acne breakouts away.

Keeping the affected area, most commonly the face, clean and oil-free is the first step towards avoiding acne breakouts. Washing the area twice or thrice a day with gentle, natural and oil-free soap and then dabbing it dry helps remove dead skin and unclogs pores. This helps acne treatment by keeping infections at bay. Makeup may cause acne breakouts too. If it must be used, it should be water-based and fresh since old makeup may harbor bacteria. It should also be washed off before going to bed since makeup only contributes to clogged pores, increasing chances of having acne breakouts. Cosmetic brushes should be regularly cleaned with soapy water to avoid the growth of bacteria on them. These are some simple ways of how to remove acne scars too.

Bathroom and bed linen should periodically be changed, because it may absorb infected oil from your skin and reapply it to your face or back upon reuse. Squeezing and scratching pimples spreads bacteria internally and may also lead to scarring. Even human hair contains oil which can worsen acne infections. Hair should be washed daily and tied back while sleeping so that it does not touch the face, to keep it from aggravating acne breakouts.

Sometimes, acne treatment can be as simple as watching what you eat. Detoxification and nourishment are generally more efficient than even the best cream for pimples. Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits along with eight glasses of water per day, helps in reducing toxins within the body. Vitamin A (derived by the body from beta-carotene) is a powerful antioxidant that supplements acne treatment, strengthening the protective layer of the skin while also reducing sebum production. It is abundantly available in carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and pumpkins, which should preferably be eaten raw or minimally cooked. Zinc, a strong natural antibacterial agent, is a necessary element in the oil production glands of the body. A deficiency of zinc can actually cause acne breakouts. Dietary sources of zinc include lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts. Eating these foods and drinking a lot of water over consuming junk, processed and oily foods as well as drinking soda, is an important part of acne treatment worldwide.

Mental stress affects the human body in many ways, and acne breakouts can be caused or worsened by it too. The ill effects of such stress can be countered through regular exercise. Routine exercise helps in increasing blood circulation and helps oxygen penetrate deeper into the skin, keeping the body as well as the skin healthy. This is very highly likely to help as remedies for pimples.

One fact worth mentioning at this point is that the body is prone to developing large amounts of heat while exercising. If this heat remains trapped in the skin, it may become a highly potent breeding ground for micro-organisms and bacteria that cause acne breakouts. A simple way to ward off this possibility is to have a quick shower within half an hour after exercising.

All in all, acne treatment doesn’t require skin experts or the best creams for pimples. Remedies for pimples are easy – all you have to do is stay clean, eat healthily and take care of your body!

By Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith is nutritionist, herbalist, health and fashion writer. She is a professional in the health, nutrition and diet industry.

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