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Banjara's 15 Minutes Multani Papaya Face Pack Review

I am being honest to you, during winters I do not feel using a lot of skin pampering products as that will involve water. So generally my usual agenda of using face packs twice a week is restricted to once a week or sometimes just to skip a whole week. Recently I have started using the Banjara's 15 Minutes Multani Papaya Face Pack and today I will be sharing my views for the same.

About Banjara's 15 Minutes Multani Papaya Face Pack:
Banjara's 15 minutesFace Pack Multani + Papaya is unique blend of multani mitti and Papaya extract to give you clear and radiant skin. Multani mitti cleanses the skin, absorb the excess oil, open up the pores, reduces pimples marks and counteracts the effect of tanning to make our skin clear. Papaya hydrates and rejuvenate the skin making it young.

Price: Rs.100 for 100g Available here

Packaging: Banjara's 15 Minutes Multani Papaya Face Pack comes in an adorable white tube which is simple and pretty with the image of a papaya fruit. It has a white flip-open cap.

Product: The face pack is khaki in colour with a pretty thick paste like texture and a nice fruity smell

My Experience: I am very fond of face packs as I think a good face pack can actually brighten the face most easily. Banjara's 15 Minutes Multani Papaya Face Pack is one such pack that I was curious to use as I know about the goodness of papaya and its anti-ageing benefits. The base of Multani mitti is also very attractive as it is an ingredient that suits my skin very well. The smell of the pack is nice and fruity and thankfully it does not smell as strong as ripe papaya. I like how thick the paste is and so you require just 2 pea-sized squeezes to cover the entire face. By 15 minutes the face pack gets dried but does not feel tight on the skin. Once the pack is rinsed I can notice the immediate results like my skin looks very fresh and radiant. The pores look much refined. There is a nice brightness on the skin.

Although I had known the benefits of papaya as an anti-ageing and skin replenishing agent, I had never ventured into using it on my skin just because it is very slimy and I do not like the smell of ripe papaya. But with Banjara's 15 Minutes Multani Papaya Face Pack, it has become quite easier to utilize the benefits of papaya on the skin.Generally you would be needing a moisturizer after using a face pack. But with Banjara's 15 Minutes Multani Papaya Face Pack things are different. I did not require any hydration and the skin remained soft and supple for hours. So it can be termed as a great deep cleansing and hydrating source as well. 

1.Enriched with the goodness of papaya
2.Base is Multani mitti(Fuller's Earth)
3.A very small quantity is enough to cover the entire face and neck
4.Smells nice
5.Does not get dry on skin
6.Deep cleanses the skin
7.Makes the skin radiant & bright
8.Skin looks youthful with less visible pores
9.Packaging is nice and easy to use
10.No hydration is required after use

1. May take time to show effect on taning

Rating: 4.75/5

Banjara's 15 Minutes Multani Papaya Face Pack is a very good face pack that helps to retain youthful glow of the skin, makes it look more radiant with lesser pores. I would strongly recommend it to those who like me want the benefits of papaya without getting the strong smell and the sliminess of the pulp.

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