Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Camelia's Natural Handmade Face & Body Cocoats Mask Review

I am a fan of natural homemade masks. Recently I have started using a face mask that has the exfoliating properties of oats and the nourishing property of cocoa. I am talking about Camelia's Natural Handmade Face & Body Cocoats Mask. 

About Camelia's Natural Handmade Face & Body Cocoats Mask:
"COCOATS" is made with 16 various skin nourishing natural ingredients like essential oils along with exotic clays and special Indian Multani mitti made in perfect combination of colloidal oatmeal , milk and orange extract and cocoa extracts to deliver soft deeply moisturized glowing skin. 
Its soothing fresh vanilla fragrances uplifts your spirit.

Price: Rs. 150 for 100g & Rs.90 for 50g Available here

Packaging: Camelia's Natural Handmade Face & Body Cocoats Mask comes in a transparent plastic tub packaging with a blue twist open lid. 

Product: The mask is a very light brown powder with a fresh and soothing smell of peppermint

My Experience: As per instructions, I used Camelia's Natural Handmade Face & Body Cocoats Mask by mixing 2 spoon full with few drops of milk. It can be applied evenly on the face and it spreads quite smoothly. I leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off followed by a gentle cleanser. The gentle soap or cleanser should be used as the oats particles may stick to the face. I simply love the invigorating fragrance. Although it is mentioned as a vanilla one, I get a nice and fresh minty scent. I simply love the fresh and clean effect it provides. I have noticed that Multani Mitti is one of the ingredients that suit my skin perfectly. I can also feel the moisturizing effects of the cocoa and the milk that the Camelia's Natural Handmade Face & Body Cocoats Mask is made of. While Vitamin C gets rid of dullness and the oats exfoliates skin by scraping away dead cells.

Camelia's Natural Handmade Face & Body Cocoats Mask is a perfect combination of all the goodness one can expect from a good universal mask that can be used by all, irrespective of age and skin type. It never makes the skin dry. But still I would suggest seeking Camelia's advice before using if you have sensitive skin as although the mask does not contain any abrasive agent, you may still have question about the presence of oats. 

1.Made with 100% natural ingredients
2. Nice minty smell
3.leaves skin fresh and clean
4.Has exfoliating properties
5.Has deep moisturising properties
6.Has brightening properties
7.Priced reasonably

1.Those with sensitive skin should seek advice before buying

Rating: 4.75/5

Camelia's Natural Handmade Face & Body Cocoats Mask is a very good exfoliating and brightening mask that leaves the skin youthful and glowing by removing all dirt with the goodness of exotic clay. I would recommend this mask for an immediate glow as well as an overall improvement in complexion.

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