Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Critic's Choice Awards 2015 Red Carpet Fashion

This is the season of Movie Awards and lot of celebrity style to love. Critic's Choice Awards, although not really considered as a tremendous glamorous event like Golden Globes or The Academy Awards, witnessed some nice styles this season.

Angelina Jolie

Why are you so perfect?

Amy Adams

You look delicious

Carmen Ejogo

Loving the simplicity

Diane Kruger

Pretty Print

Emily Blunt

Not Happening

Felicity Jones

Is that a black armor?

Genesis Rodriguez

Too much to show

Jamie Chung

Layering can sometimes go wrong!!

Jenny State

Reminds me of "The Crow" oh c'mmon its a Brandon Lee movie

Jennifer Aniston

You are too cute for this suit

Jessica Chastain

Nothing wrong with the dress but makes you look too square

Julianne Moore

Your performance was Award-winning, wish I could say the same for the dress

Keira Knightley

You are  too pretty to go so shapeless

Leslie Mann

Ther's something about the dress I like

Marion Cotilard

Feeling like a Helium Balloon

Michelle Monaghan

The Lacy Lacer show

Reese Witherspoon

At last a breath of fresh pop colour...love you

Rosario Dawson

Go simple, go stunning

Rosemund Pike

Why did you were the tennis top with this beautiful skirt!!

Jared Leto

I get a glimpse of Ranveer Singh in you

Chris Hemsworth

No words!! Just watch

That was fun to do. Whose style did you like? I am voting for Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams,Carmen Ejogo, Diane Kruger and Rosario Dawson.

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