Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15

I love lavenders, so much so that if given an option between a bouquet of rose and lavender, I will probably choose the latter. So, when I received the Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15, I was very excited to try.

About Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15:
Infused with 100% vegetarian & natural ingredients which rejuvenate & keep your skin supple, light & radiant. Lavender ( lavandula angustifolia ) oil fights acne & prevents fine lines on skin. SPF 15 provides UVA & UVB protection. Free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum base, artificial tints & synthetic perfumes. Day cream contains moisturizing elements that keeps your skin hydrated and nourished. You in turn are rewarded with a soft and supple skin. Pollution and exposure to the rays of the sun often extracts the natural moisturizing elements of the skin. As a result you are left with dry and lifeless looking skin. For a healthy and refreshing look choose Fuschia - Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF 15. This comes with optimum quantity of PH value that helps to maintain your skin’s PH levels. Your day cream is also an excellent base for make – up.
Day cream usage tips
It is best to apply day cream on well cleansed skin, preferably after a bath.
Apply the day cream on your face and neck with the help of gentle circular motions.
Choose a cream that suites your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, normal or combination skin)
Apply your day cream before putting on your make – up

Price: Rs. 525/ for 50g Avaialble here at 23% off

Packaging: Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15 comes in a white simple plastic jar with a white lid that has a lavender coloured sticker.

Product: The cream is white in colour and has a  very light whipped cream like texture. It has a floral smell.

My Experience: Before I start describing how I feel about Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15, I would specify that I have been using the cream every morning, after cleansing my face with a gentle cleanser. The texture of the cream is very light and smooth and is perfect for using in the morning. As mentioned I am sure it would be a great option to use it before applying base makeup. due to its light texture. 

I like the floral scent of Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15, although it is on the stronger side and it is very close to jasmine fragrance. I was expecting a pure lavender aroma. The cream is a sheer winner for its light texture. It is an absolute delight to treat the skin. Also, the SPF 15 is an added benefit. Apart from other regular benefits like acne control, fine line correction, anti-ageing benefits and superior sun-protection, what this cream does is it maintains the skin's pH level. That means if you have a balanced pH level, you do not sweat, no matter how hot it is. This is something we would look for in a tropical climate. Frankly speaking I cannot talk much about the acne control factor as I do not suffer from acne, and for anti-ageing benefits I am using a product which effectively combats the problem. But I can easily distinguish the goodness of Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15 because of its smoothing and balancing properties.

1.100% vegetarian
2.Has rejuvenating properties
3.SPF 15
4.Balances the pH level of the skin
5.Quite moisturizing
6.Light textured
7.Ideal as a pre-foundation moisturizer
8.Suitable for oily skin
9.SLS & Paraben free

1.Fragrance can be strong for some


Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15 is a very nice light textured Day Cream with sun protection properties and the goodness of nature that gives a nice smooth skin leaving you feeling fresh and nice.

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