Saturday, January 31, 2015

Know All About Gillette Venus "Use Your And" Campaign with Review

Gillette Venus has been my sole preferred brand from the time it was first launched. A few days back they have initiated a campaign called "Use Your And" dedicated to us, women who have been labelled for years. This incredible Campaign inspires us to show the world how we can break the barriers of the stereotyped tags. It is motivational and a must to watch for all. 

The "Use Your And" Campaign shows us how we are much more than the world has tagged us to be. The world can bind our versatility and power to certain limits by use of "Ors" but we should be strong enough to show them how to replace the "Or"s with "And"s. Why are we limited to one particular trait? Why are girls made to learn only household chores from their childhood? Why cannot they left free to play out with the boys? Why do we tag our mothers to be only an excellent cook? They have other qualities that should be spoken about...some may be a good singer, some an excellent artist and some may have mastered the art of dancing. We all have many traits more than the world has been knowing us for. It is time we show the world those traits and start using our Ands.

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The Gillette Venus Razor that I have been a very ardent fan of, is a great wonderful razor with superior packaging, long lasting blade and user friendly handle. Primarily I am a fan of the safe and secure packaging. Secondly the look of the razor is quite chic and the holder is perfect to hold and use it from different angles. Most importantly the triple-blade feature makes it perfect to get rid of stubborn and even minute hair strands.

The skin never becomes dry or there is no scope of cuts or bruises with the  Gillette Venus Razor. It is very handy, very user-friendly and very trustworthy to use. A lot of us may have very busy schedule to actually visit the parlour or to follow a waxing ritual at home, but that does not make less needy of getting ourselves free of unwanted hair. So  Gillette Venus Razor is your most handy solution for a quick shave for your legs, hands and other body parts.

A price tag of Rs.199, a superior blade quality and excellent shaving performance along with smooth skin are the reasons I would recommend the  Gillette Venus Razor to one and all women, specially to those of you who want to "Use Your And".

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