Monday, January 12, 2015

My Story, My Words: My Journey from "Or" to "And"

When I got married, the initial dilemma was whether to lead a homemaker's life or to continue working the way I had been. I refused to deal with this confusion and chose both. I continued with my job and started managing my home too.

I had a passion of writing since I was a small kid. However, this passion of mine faced a major setback due to lack of time, when I had to give importance to other aspects of my life. After a tough decision to choose between a promising career or a move abroad for my husband's work, I had to choose the latter. Fortunately, this "or" proved to be the gateway of a new "and" for me. 

While staying abroad, in between managing my home, I started to indulge once again in my long lost passion and that is writing. I started writing bits and pieces. I started associating with a few beauty & health related websites as a freelancer. I started getting more and more assignments. I was happy but I wanted to do something more. Then one fine day I came across a beauty blog from where I got an idea of what I should be doing now. I slowly started my own blog. I started writing on my own will, there were no boundaries, no word limits and nobody to insert the editing scissors in my write-ups. There I was, with my free will and free thoughts. There was another major turning point in my life where I had to move again to the city of dreams. And along came another choice of starting a new life and new environment over my blog. The settling period was not very easy and it took quite a long time to actually get adjusted to everything around. After a gap of almost 1 year I thought of working on my blog once again. And there was no looking back. My life of a homemaker "and" a beauty blogger geared up.

Today, after so many years of confusion with the "or"s, I manage my home, look after my parents and in-laws and mange a beauty blog, "Beauty & Beyond". This is my very own journey from "Or" to "And.

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