Monday, January 12, 2015

Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Wash & Body Butter Review

Hey beautifuls, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Well I had an awesome Saturday and those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter will know what I am talking about. So, after a couple of hectic days, I needed some time for relaxation and here came the duo of Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Wash & Body Butter to my rescue.

About Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Wash:
This luxurious fast lathering body wash has been inspired by the soothing & tranquil properties of lavender & ylang ylang

Price:Rs.399 for 200ml

Packaging: Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with green sticker and a translucent twist open cap.

Product: The body wash is purely transparent and watery in texture with a lovely aroma.

My Experience: Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Wash is a total aromatic pleasure, made with the heavenly blend of lavender and ylang ylang. The fragrance truly relaxes the tired and restless mind and caresses it with the beautiful feel of tranquility and peace.

I like the texture of the body wash. It is watery and while coming in contact with water becomes very frothy because it is supposed to be a bath foam as well. The skin becomes soft and hydrated. The soothing fragrance leaves you wanting for more. Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Wash is a bath essential, we need in today's fast paced world.

About Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Butter:
This tranquil aromatherapy blend of essential oils leaves your skin feeling smooth & nourished. Lavender Ylang Ylang essential oils soothe the mind & heal the body.

Price: Rs.1599 for 400g

Packaging:  Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Butter comes in a transparent plastic tub with a metallic twisted cover.

Product: The body butter is an opaque oily and waxy cream with a strong aroma of the essential oils.

My Experience:  Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Butter has almost the same aroma of the Body wash but in a much more concentrated form. The texture appears a bit waxy and while applying on the body it oozes out a the purest form of cocoa butter that melts in contact with the skin  and soaks it. It may get a bit oily, specially during summers. 

However, slowly it gets absorbed by the skin and leaves it highly moisturized. Like the texture the strong smell also stays for a period of time but slowly fades into a very nice blend of lavender oil. Personally I would have preferred a bit of buttery texture, but a small note from the makers has actually changed my perception of  a pure and natural body butter. The more buttery the texture of a product is, the more likely it is prone to contain some form of chemicals or emulsifiers. Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Butter is however, devoid of anything chemical. I am a huge fan of the hydrating properties. 

1.Made of essential oils
2.Lavender and Ylang Ylang blends are made to make the products
3.Gives a peaceful and relieved feel
4.Very hydrating
5.Makes the skin soft and smooth 
6.Fragrance stays for a very long time
7.The body wash can be used as a bath foam
8.Good for healing dry skin

1.The Body butter can be a bit too oily for some
2.The smell of the body butter can be a little too strong for sensitive nose


 Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Wash & Body Butter are a perfect duo to give you a beautifully moisturized skin and an aroma of serene and tranquil feel.  I would recommend it to all who want to get some relaxing and peaceful time. If you intend to invest in any one product, I would suggest the Body wash which is a Revelation in every true sense. 

Check out Navarasas website here

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