Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Beginning with Navarasas Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Blends

Hey beautifuls, wish you all a very Happy New Year, a new beginning a beautiful world. To make my year special, Navarasas Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Blends is here with their superior quality skin care products.

About Navarasas Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Blends:
The mission of Navarasas Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Blends is to rekindle man's love with nature.The use of all natural extracts is their way to reunite with Mother Nature, while enriching lives with wholesome wellness and healing of the body, mind & soul.

About Navarasas Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Blends Personalized Orders:
For personalization, they have one on one interaction with the clients in detail to understand the issue they are looking to address. Their medical history, the current ailments, any medication and supplements they are on and any allergies are taken into consideration. Their choices of fragrances etc are noted and the products are made for them accordingly. It is different from picking up a product from the market which are basically made to cater to a large audience and cover a broad spectrum of issues. They personalize gels, essential oil blends, shower gels, body butters, body scrubs and sprays to best suit the clients' needs and how they would be most comfortable using it.

My Navarasas Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Blend:
1.Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Wash & Foam Bath:This luxurious, fast lathering body wash has been inspired by the soothing & tranquil properties of lavender & ylang lang.

2.Navarasas Tranquility Lavender Ylang Ylang Body Butter: This tranquil aromatherapy blend of essential oils leaves your skin feeling smooth & nourished. Lavender & ylang lang essential oils sooth the mind & heal the body.

3.Navarasas Under Eye Gel:This is a Personalized Order product specially made for the client's needs to cater the issues related to the under eye area.

So hoping to start the new year on a positive note with  Navarasas Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Blends. I would be reviewing the products one by one in the coming weeks. Meanwhile you can check their website here for more information and contact them if you require products of your choice.

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