Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy Herbal Hair Pack Review

If someone asks me one thing that I do not like about myself , it is got to be my hair. It is frizzy, thin, fragile, rough & dry-everything that you can hate. I have been reading about a lot of hair masks and therapies to improve the condition of my hair, but frankly am too lazy to actually implement those. So, when I got the Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy Herbal Hair Pack, I was really curious and happy at the same time. Let me share with you why.

About Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy Herbal Hair Pack:
Natural Hair Therapy is a conditioning shampoo and a hair pack especially good for dull, dry and damaged hair. Made from nutrient-rich black soil and aloe vera, this shampoo and pack is 100% natural that gives your hair a natural bounce. This shampoo can be used for babies as well since it contains no preservatives, chemicals or artificial perfumes. The ingredients used are moisturising and can be used as a body and face wash as well for children and adults.

Price: Rs.242 for 120g Available here

Packaging: The Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy Herbal Hair Pack comes in a plastic tub with a light lavender sticker.

Product: The pack is a very fine khaki coloured powder with a light herbal smell.

My Experience: As I said I suffer from a number of hair related issues and Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy Herbal Hair Pack  is actually the first hair pack that I am using. The texture is very fine and powdery. As instructed I mixed water to give it a texture suitable for a hair pack. After application I keep it on my hair for 15 minutes and rinse off. The best thing is it does not form clumps and gets into a very liquid texture. So you do not have to worry about struggling to get the leftovers out while rinsing. The hair becomes soft, and surprisingly the herbal smell is replaced by a very light and pleasant one. 

I like how my hair feels soft and detangled. I did not apply any conditioner to observe how the pack makes my hair afterwards. As it is said to work as a shampoo too you do not have to use a shampoo for rinsing your hair. After towel drying my hair I could feel how nice the hair feels. I cannot thank more to the makers of Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy Herbal Hair Pack for making such a teat for us, the goodness of a shampoo and a hair pack in one product. The only problem I faced was, I thought my hair did not get the shine that I would expect from a good shampoo. So I recommend using a conditioner after rinsing.

1.Sulphate free
2.Enriched with Black soil and aloe vera properties
3.Makes hair bouncy and smooth
4.Made with 100% natural ingredients
5.Can be safe for babies
6.Can be rinsed off easily
7.Works as a hair back & a shampoo
8.Said to be usable as a face and body scrubber too

1.Does not give so much shine
2.Dry hair may require to apply a conditioner post use.


Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy Herbal Hair Pack is a 2-in-1 product that nourishes lifeless and dull hair and give a smooth and tangle-free mane. It is a good product for all and if you have dry hair just make sure to apply a conditioner post use.

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