Friday, January 16, 2015

Puriso Amalfi Citrus Handcrafted Soap Review

My love for handmade soaps has introduced me to different brands of soaps and one of them is Puriso Handcafted Soaps. Today I will be talking about the Puriso Amalfi Citrus Handcrafted Soap.

About Puriso Amalfi Citrus Handcrafted Soap:
Amalfi Citrus bathing bar will surely captivate your senses with a tangy citrusy burst of recharging lemon and tango. It is rich in glycerine, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals. It contains natural ingredients like cocoa butter, avocado oil and vitamin E oil. Enjoyyyy the zesty redolence of amalfi lemons!!

Price: Rs.300 for 150g Available here

Packaging: Puriso Amalfi Citrus Handcrafted Soap comes in a hard plastic outer covering. The soap is wrapped in a thin cellophane.

Product: The soap is a very beautiful bright yellow with cute small carvings.There are some cloudy structures crafted inside the bar. The fragrance is a mix of citrus and a bit floral.

My Experience: Puriso Amalfi Citrus Handcrafted Soap is one of the most exotic looking soaps that I have used so far. The bright feature and the summary citrus fragrance definitely make it a unique offering from the House of Puriso. The base of the soap is glycerin but unlike any other glycerin based soap it lathers decently. The cocoa butter content hydrates the skin and the vitamin E makes sure to keep it nourished while cleansing. 

Puriso Amalfi Citrus Handcrafted Soap  is definitely a soap lover's dream come true with its luxurious feather like touch and unparalleled beauty. The fragrance stay for a long time but the initial zing fades with time, leaving a subtle citrus hint.

1.100% vegan
2.Handmade soap
3.Devoid of chemical
4.Smells nice
5.Looks beautiful
6.Has Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E
7.Great for summers
8.Does not make skin dry
9.Great as a gift option



Puriso Amalfi Citrus Handcrafted Soap is an incredible soap with superior cleansing and hydrating powers, that leave you smelling as fresh and nice as a bunch of lemons. It is a must-have soap, specially for the summer times when you need to feel fresh all the time.



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