Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sand For Soapaholics Hair Force Review

My hair- its a bundle of riddle, confusion and frustration for me. You name any hair related issue and I can very rightly be presented as a specimen who suffers from all possible hair related issues, except dandruff. Somehow those white flakes have spared to build nest on my scalp. But whenever I see any hair nourishing product, I get excited to use it. Today I will be talking about Sand For Soapaholics Hair Force.

About Sand For Soapaholics Hair Force:
Don’t let the dust and dirt dry up those locks; it’s time you take back your hair with force! We’ve created this concoction for those ready to take control by incorporating the exotic and enigmatic Hibiscus. The leaves of our deep red Hibiscus flowers are known for its Ayurvedic properties of locking in moisture and delaying premature greying. To go perfectly with the flowers, this hair mask contains our homegrown Aloe Vera to de-clog those hair follicles and promote hair growth. To finish this masterpiece mask off we’ve added our fragrant Jasmine Essential Oil which not only tames those unruly strands but leaves all your sense pleased!

Price: Rs.760/- for 100g Available here
Ingredients: Every 10gm contains Kumari (Aloe vera) (39.33%), Leaf Gel of Japa (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) (38.33%), Oil blend of Godhuma (Triticum sativum) & Evening Primrose (5.90%), Ess.Oil blend of Malathi (Jasminum grandiflorum) & Rusmary (Rosemarinus officinalis) (1.47%), Silk Protein (1.18%), Potassium Sorbate (1.00%), Xanthan Gum (0.98%)

Packaging: Sand For Soapaholics Hair Force comes in a cute metallic greenish gold plastic tub.

Product: The hair mask is a khaki-green thin paste with a nice herbal smell with a hint of jasmine.

My Experience: As I said my hair is a treasure-house of all hair-related issues, dull and rough hair is definitely one of those. I need to keep my hair conditioned specially on the tips to prevent breakage and split ends. Sand For Soapaholics Hair Force is a hair mask, enriched with the goodness of red hibiscus flowers that acts as a natural moisturizer. It is an easy to use mask and you just have to apply it thoroughly from the roots to the tips when your hair is dry and then keep your head towel-wrapped for about half-n hour. Initially I thought it is going too be messy but loved the way the thin paste glided on the hair strands without leaving any clump. The smell is a bit too herbal and some one with sensitive nose may not find it that appealing, but I love my products to smell herbal as it gives me a fresh and clean feel. 

After 30 minutes once I rinse my hair and apply shampoo, the hair becomes super smooth and silky. I did not face any issue of hair fall as that is also a problem I suffer from. The presence of  Aloe vera sounds promising as it is known for boosting hair growth and I require that badly. Overall, Sand For Soapaholics Hair Force is a very good hair mask, a strong force and a nutritious diet for dull and lackluster hair.

1.Made with the goodness of hibiscus
2.Paraben free
3.Moisturizes hair
4.Aloe vera promotes hair growth
5.Makes hair silky
6.Easy to use
7.Not clumpy
8.Thin no-fuss consistency

1.Smell is herbal and may not liked by all ( I like)


Sand For Soapaholics Hair Force is one of the nicest hair products I have ever used, that acts from the root to the tip of each hair strand, making hair stronger, healthier and shinier. I strongly recommend it to all, who wants to prevent grey hair and boost hair growth without the interference of any harsh chemicals.

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