Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil Review

Hey girls, I have once shared my love for beauty oils and how effective they are in maintaining a satin smooth and flawless skin. Today I will be reviewing the Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil.

About Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil :
A rich and luxurious everyday use beauty oil loaded with nutrients and vitamin extracts from herbs flowers and fruits. This unique non-sticky formula
Keeps your skin nourished , hydrated, healthy and radiant all day.
Absorbs quickly and doesn't clog the pores.
Corrects and controls both oily and dry skin.
Evens the skin tone, gives silky sheen and glow to complexion.
Lightens dark lips and dark circles.
Removes puffiness, discoloration and skin tan.
Keeps the skin firm and prevents ageing.
Removes blackheads and white heads
Helps in quicker recovery from skin problems 

Price: Rs. 194 for 50 ml Available here

Packaging: Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil is bottled in a white opaque bottle that is packed inside a light brown imprinted outer cardboard packaging.

Product: Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil is a yellowish tinted oil with a smell of herbs and coconut oil.

My Experience: Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil is an immensely hydrating oil with superior brightening properties. I love the fact that it can be substituted for normal moisturizer. Although it is oil based it is not sticky and leaves the skin silky and soft. It is suitable for oily skin also as it does not form a layer of grease on the skin. Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil  can be used as an instant glow cream and can be added to foundations and BB Creams for a more silky and radiant finish.

Although the smell is not that appealing as a moisturizer, Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil  is a very good product which does an excellent job of hydrating the skin with long term benefits like skin tone correction and giving relief from other skin related problems. The floral and fruity extracts ensure that you get the best of nature to nourish and beautify your skin.

1.Very hydrating
2. Made of fruit and flower extracts
3.Can substitute your daily moisturizer
4.Can be used with foundations and BB Ceams for enhanced glow
5.Can be used to make skin radiant instantly
6.Brightens the skin
7.Long time use will improve overall condition of skin
8.Makes the skin youthful with less flaws
9. Reasonably priced

1.Does not have any SPF 

Rating: 4.5/5

Shudhvi Sun-Jeevani Handmade After-Bath Oil is a beauty oil that does a very good job of hydrating and giving the skin an instant radiance. I would strongly recommend this oil to all who wants a glowing and flawless skin. You can use it in place of your regular moisturizer, provided you use a sunscreen after.

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