Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hey everyone, Hope all of you are doing great. Today I'm going to review the fourth product in my Eeshha Herbal kit. It is their Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Astringent Toner With Basil Oil. So without wasting time let's just get into it.

About  Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Astringent Toner With Basil Oil: Eeshha Astringent Toner 
is specifically formulated to effectively reduce secretion & gently removes impurities providing a cooling sensation to the skin. It contains basil oil which has antibacterial properties that helps in keeping oil-free skin & controls acne and breakouts. It's a natural antiseptic which regulates oil secretions & perspiration and provide hydrated, toned and refreshed skin.

Price: 99/- for 100 ml (available here)

Use: Apply gently with cotton pad on cleansed face and neck avoiding contact with eyes and mouth. Concentrate more on nose and chin areas.

Packaging:  Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Astringent Toner With Basil Oil comes in a transparent bottle with black and blue prints. It has a flip cap. 

Product: The product is a clear green liquid that has a refreshing cool smell. It provides a tingling cool feeling when applied. This is because of the menthol present in it, It is also very light and non-greasy. 

My Experience: Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Astringent Toner With Basil Oil is meant to be for normal to oily skin which claims to give acne-free and oil-free skin. It also serves as an anti-bacterial product. Honestly, I'm not really fond of toners. I am really afraid of using toners. I don't know why. With a much heavy heart I used this toner and a using it till now. You can see that the bottle is half empty now. To my surprise it turned out quite well. It gave me clear and light skin.It cleared out dirt and removed impurities. I use it twice daily. The only thing I didn't like is the tingling feeling that gives after applying it. I feel like I've applied headache-balm all over my face. So, I slightly dilute the cotton pad with the toner and then use it. Thought it is said to be for normal to oily skin and I faced a dry skin this winter, it did not make my skin greasy. Overall, it is a nice product and worth trying if you can handle the tingling feeling. 


  1. Affordable.
  2. Travel-friendly.
  3. Detailed-packaging.
  4. Clears pimples.
  5. Light and non-greasy.
  6. Anti-bacterial.
  7. Refreshes and hydrates.
  8. Gives pure clear skin.
  9. Cleanses well.
  10. Clears impurities.
  1.          Tingling feeling which feels like a head-ache balm.
Rating: 4.25/5

The newly bought toner looks like this.

Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Astringent Toner With Basil Oil is a nice product overall and worth trying. If you can't handle the tingling feeling then I'll suggest to use a diluted solution. Those who are looking for a product like this then please try it out. A good product and worth trying.


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