Monday, February 2, 2015

Ethicare Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar Review

Do you guys like using glycerin based soaps during winter? Well, I do mainly because they are gentle on the skin and prevent the skin from drying. Today I will be reviewing Ethicare Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar.

About Ethicare Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar:
The transparent cleansing bar is the gentle way to cleanse, moisturizes, protect and nourish your skin as vizigly+ contains very high percentage of natural moisturizers, humectants and skin softners (i.e. Net Total 13.5%) Vizigly+, with this optimum concentration and through its unique combination is ideal for dry, delicate skin as it helps to keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated every time you use Vizigly+

Price: Rs.99 Available here

Packaging: Ethicare Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar comes in a white and red outer cardboard packaging that has a centre opening. The soap is secured in a plastic cover inside the box.

Product: The soap is a light orange-peach coloured translucent bar with a lovely smell.

My Experience: Ethicare Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar is soap enriched with superior hydrating power of almond oil and wheat germ oil, along with the soothing qualities of aloe vera. The bar looks very pretty and smells equally nice. I have very dry body skin and I love the way it touches my skin with tenderness, without stripping away moisture. 

My like for the Ethicare Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar is because it not only is moisturizing for the skin, but also keeps it quite hydrated throughout the day. The inclusion of aloe vera makes it suitable for use on sensitive skin as well. The skin becomes soft and supple. Ethicare Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar is one of the best soaps for dry skin.

1.Suitable for dry skin
2. Has a nice & unique packaging
3.Does not make skin dry
4.Moisturizes skin
5.Has the goodness of almond oil & wheatgerm oil
6.Glycerin based
7.Aloe vera soothes the skin
8.Keeps the skin hydrated for long
9.Decent pricing

1.Those who love squeaky clean bath may not like it


Ethicare Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar is a very good glycerin based soap gentle for the dry & sensitive skin. Dry skin can be soothed and healed with the tender touch of aloe vera, almond oil and wheatgerm oil.

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