Friday, February 27, 2015

L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening Cream Review

Hey beauties, remember a few days back I had done an introductory post on L'Oreal's new Skin Perfect skincare range, that caters to the needs of different age groups. Well today I will be talking about the L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening Cream that is targeted for the 30's.

About L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening Cream:
L'Oreal skin perfect anti-fine lines + whitening cream
Enriched with Pro-Collagen, an anti-aging active, this formula smoothens skin and visibly reduces fine lines Designed for women from 30 years old
With high performing active ingredients L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfect offers a unique sensorial experience with visibly beautifying results. Each product from this range is scientifically crafted with the most enriching ingredients that can fortify and replenish the vitality of the skin.

Price: Rs.425/- for 50g Available at 7% off here

Packaging: L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening Cream comes in a white, gold
 and red outer cardboard packaging. The cream is placed in a white glass jar with dark gold lid. There is an inner white lid to protect the cream.

Product: The cream is creamy white in colour and a bit thin and powdery in texture. It has a light and nice fragrance.

My Experience: L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening Cream addresses the problems of 30 year olds and above. The common problem at this age is the appearance of fine lines arund the mouth and on the forehead. After hitting 30 we also start observing the development of dark spots and dullness due to environmental exposure. The cream is designed to take care of these specific issues and to give a younger and brighter looking skin. 

I loved how the L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening Cream felt non-greasy on the skin. The light texture is helpful for warmer summers. Unlike other creams from L'Oreal which I think are quite emollient, this cream is quite thin textured. So beauties with dry skin may not find it extremely hydrating. Another positive trait of the cream is the SPF 21 PA+++ that protects the skin from extreme sun rays. Exposure to sun rays is a major reason for the skin's ageing process, The cream did a good job in making my skin look fresher and younger. I could observe a noticeable change with the skin looking brighter than usual. I cannot say it has very superior whitening effects though, it takes time for the L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening Cream to work on dark spots. The smell is good and it will be a good try for oily and combination skin. The packaging can be improved as the inner lid is also not sufficient to control mess of the cream

1.Light textured
2.Designed specifically for 30 years and above
3.Smells nice
4.Does not feel greasy
5.Has SPF 21 PA++
6.Makes skin look younger with regular use
7.Gives a nice and youthful glow
8.Decently priced
9.Good for oily/combination skin
10.Perfect for summers

1.May be not hydrating enough for dry skin
2.Effect is slow on dark spots


L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening Cream is a decent cream that is quite multifunctional in checking fine lines and preventing dullness. Although it takes time to work on dark spots, 30+ beauties with lesser issues of dark spots may find the cream quite useful and perfect for daily use. Check out here to know more.

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