Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oriflame The One Lipstick in Cherry Brown, Desert Sand, Berrylicious & Wild Rose Review

With Oriflame The One’s new shades of Matte lipstick launch, we get 10 beautiful colours. Out of which I have already reviewed 6 and today will be talking about the rest 4, Cherry Brown, Desert Sand, Berrylicious & Wild Rose.

About Oriflame The One Matte Lipsticks:
A hydrating Lipstick that gives intense beautiful matte lips to start the day. It is made with a blend of avocado, jojoba and Vitamin E to hydrate condition & protect the lips.

Price: Rs.499 for 4g

Packaging: Oriflame The One Matte Lipstick comes in a greyish purple and navy blue combination outer cardboard packaging. The lipstick holder is the same purple shade.

Product: The lipsticks are very soft in texture with long lasting effect. They have candy like smell.

The Shades: There are 10 shades of Oriflame The One Matte Lipstick. Today I will be talking about:

Cherry Brown: Oriflame The One Lipstick in Cherry Brown is a darkest shade out of the 10 colours in the range. It is a blackish brown shade that is very intense and dark. It will look good on dark or warmer complexions.

Desert Sand: Oriflame The One Lipstick in Desert Sand is a coffee cream shade. It is not that intense and will appear lighter on application. The colour will look good on dusky complexion. Personally I would not like to ty this kind of colour.

Berrylicious: Oriflame The One Lipstick in Berrylicious is a dark bright berry shade that will complement all complexion. I love the shade for its bluish undertones. This shade is my favourite out of the 4.

Wild Rose: Oriflame The One Lipstick in Wild Rose is a beautiful rose colour, which is almost red. I like this shade although it appears quite similar to the Berrylicious one, without the blue undertones. This shade will look good on fair to medium complexion.

My Experience: Oriflame The One Matte Lipstick have very creamy texture that prevents the lips from drying. The shades are long wear and even though the sheen and creaminess may disappear after sometime, the stain stay back for a long time. The shades Berrylicious and Wild Rose are quite bright and very bright looking.


1.        Intense shade  
2.       Great pigmentation
3.       Long wear
4.       Candy-like smell
5.       Sturdy packaging
6.       Does not make lips dry
7.       Made with jojoba, avocado and Vitamin E oil
8.       Lips stay hydrated and conditioned

1.       The colours bleed


Oriflame The One Matte Lipsticks in Cherry Brown, Desert Sand, Berrylicious & Wild Rose are an assortment of very dark to very subtle neutral and bright berry colours.I would recommend these lipsticks specially as they are available at discounted rate.

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