Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Puriso Handcrafted Spring Forever Soap Review

All of you know my love for handmade soaps, and today I will be reviewing the Puriso Handcrafted Spring Forever Soap.

About Puriso Handcrafted Spring Forever Soap:
Spring forever bathing bar comes with a very soft and romantic floral fragrance of early spring rose. This bar is creatively designed in hues of pink and purple. It is rich in glycerine, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals. It is enriched with goodness of natural ingredients like cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, rosewood oil and grape seed oil. Feels good!! Smells divine!!

Price: Rs. 300 Available at

Packaging: Puriso Handcrafted Spring Forever Soap comes in a transparent hard plastic outer packaging. The soap is wrapped in a very thin plastic film.

Product: The soap is a bright pink bar with white flakes inside and a lovely smell of fresh roses.

My Experience: Puriso Handcrafted Spring Forever Soap is one of the prettiest looking and divine smelling soap I have ever come across. The very first look of the soap had made me drool on it. The floral fragrance is invigorating and lasts for a long time. The soap foams decently and gives a nice clean and fresh shower experience. The summery aroma takes your senses to a garden of roses. 

The best thing about Puriso Handcrafted Spring Forever Soap is the soft and supple skin that you get after using it. The skin does not become dry but I cannot say it is moisturizing. Beauties with dry skin like mine may require hydration after taking bath. Puriso Handcrafted Spring Forever Soap is a visual treat and a luxurious experience for those who love comfort & luxury in bathing experience.

1.Lathers decently
2.Deep cleanses skin
3.Does not dry the skin
4.Freshens up immediately
5.Has a nice floral smell
6.Has one of the best packaging
7.Beautifully handcrafted
8.Enriched with natural ingredients like grapeseed oil , cocoa butter and Vitamin e oil
9.Can be an ideal gift option

1.Suitable for summers only
2.Quite expensive


Puriso Handcrafted Spring Forever Soap is a beautifully designed bathing bar, that will give your bathing experience a new meaning altogether. It leaves you fresh, smelling like a bunch of thousand roses and an exotic spa experience.

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