Thursday, March 26, 2015

Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack Review

Ok beauties, I have to attend a family wedding in a few days and I am in a pampering mode with lots of face packs and exfoliators. Today I will be talking about the Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack, which is a combination of Aroma Magic Firming Glow Pack and Aroma Magic Firming Gel.

About Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack:
The combination of Firming Gel and Firming Glow Pack lightens your skin tone giving you an instant face lift. Together they smoothen wrinkles and lines and tighten the skin, leaving you with a subtle glow. Skin looks visibly younger, softer and radiant.

Price: Rs. 450 Available here

Packaging: Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack comes in a hard plastic packet, inside which the Pack and Gel are there.The Aroma Magic Firming Glow Pack comes in a tub container with peach body and white twist-open cover.It has few sachets of face pack inside. The Aroma Magic Firming Gel comes in a similar peach coloured bottle with white flip open cap.

Product: The pack is light reddish brown in colour and the gel is a thick fluid.

My Experience: First of all, Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack is a very unique concept where you get to mix a firming gel and a face pack together to make a paste. The pack is thick and forms a suitable layer for the entire face and neck. Here I put stress on neck as our neck is such a part of the body where the ageing effect shows prominently by loosing elasticity of the skin. And as Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack promises to give firming effect on the skin, its application is a must on the neck. After the use, the skin becomes quite smooth and soft. I would not say there is much glow or radiance, but there is a visible difference in the texture of the skin. I have used it for 5 -6 times and it definitely gives a tightening effect to the skin. I am sure it would be much helpful for women in their 50s and over.

Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack is a very effective treatment specially for those who are suffering from loss of elasticity. It works well on fine lines and wrinkles, however, I am yet to see results on the large pores, which is also a problem of ageing. 

1.Effective firming treatment
2.Works well on fine lines and wrinkles
3.Improves complexion
4.Nice packaging
5.Easy to use
6.Paraben free
7.Leaves skin hydrated

1.Not much effective on pores


Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack is a decent anti-ageing treatment that works very well on regainig of elasticity and smoothing of lines and wrinkles. I would recommend it for anyone above 45 years to achieve a tighter and younger looking skin.

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