Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Avoid these style mistakes that make you look older

They say “age does not matter”, but for some it really does, and one just makes too many fashion mistakes to make it more noticeable. Find out what these errors are and why?

1. Wearing matte dark lipstick
It can be flattering for some women especially in the office where formality is important. Matte lipsticks exudes sophistication and power when you wear it. But avoid doing so for everyday use, it’s just too “severe”for a day look out in the park or in the mall. 

2. Wearing glasses that are too geeky
Wide-rimmed glasses are just too geeky for your age. It may look cute on others but it does little to accentuate your best assets which are your eyes. It will only make you look like you lived in the past far too long to even notice it’s the new century. So, choose pretty colors like a lilac shade or blue or a pop of red.

3. Wearing the mom jeans
Jeans are supposed to accentuate your butt, hips and legs but the “mom jeans” does neither of these. It is the most unflattering and unfashionable piece of clothing ever created and makes you appear old. It is high-waisted which can make the buttocks appear flatter, longer and without sex appeal as opposed to the jeans of today.

 4. Wearing too much make-up
Make-up can either make or break your look. Women never go out without putting it on even just a little bit. Putting on too much on the other hand can make you look like you’re going to a drag queen contest. So, beware on piling too much of the stuff and just go easy on it. Less is more.

5. Growing the hair too long
Long hair is easy to manage once it dries up. You simply have to put it in a bun or ponytail and you’re done. But long hair can drag years on your face and the bun is not just a good look unless you are a librarian. So, lose it and get a haircut, one that flatters your face well and will take years off it not on it.

6. Wearing baggy clothes
Wearing loose clothing will make you look haggard, not to mention, very unflattering on you. Baggy clothes are comfortable but you need not compromise fashion for comfort. There are a lot of clothes now being reinvented to cater to women who likes comfort and style all at the same time.

7. Wearing inappropriate clothing
Wearing clothes that makes you young and wearing younger clothes are two different things. You don’t need to wear clothes of a 17-year old girl to look young. Instead of looking younger, people will actually notice your age. The trick here is wear clothes that fits you properly in all the right places and pieces that are not overly trendy.

9. Wearing the wrong lingerie
A nice quality-made lingerie can make a big difference. Wearing worn-out, faded lingeries can make you look old so invest in something nice-fitting and pretty and see the difference. You will look more confident just wearing them. Throw out the old ones and buy lingerie online.

10. Wearing the most comfortable sandals
The most comfortable sandals sometimes look the most fashion backward. They are either too chunky, bulky or ugly. Sandals are now made to give the best comfort possible so splurge on some really good ones that are classic but trendy.

Getting old is not a scary thing, it is actually a beautiful process. But one does not need to get there fast, there are ways to delay it a little bit more and that is by feeling and looking your best everyday. Life is just something to enjoy and appreciate and celebrate. 

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