Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bajaj NoMarks Cream Review

Have you ever tried any cream specifically meant for spots, acne scars or any other marks? Recently I have tried one and will be reviewing it today. I am talking about the Bajaj NoMarks Cream.

About Bajaj NoMarks Cream:
New Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin and Pimple-Mark Free Glowing Fairness is enriched with Organic Actives Enriched ingredients like Emblica, Aloe Vera and Lemon that penetrate the deeper layers of your skin and prevent marks and occurrence of pimples.
It comes in 3 variants, one for Oily skin, one for Normal skin & one for dry skin

Price: Rs.85 for 25g Available here

Packaging: Bajaj NoMarks Cream comes in a lemon yellow outer cardboard packaging. The cream comes inside a yellow tube with a white cap.

Product: The cream is light peach in colour with a mousse like consistency and a nice light smell.

My Experience: What I like most about the Bajaj NoMarks Cream is the light mousse texture. The one I got is for oily skin types. Frankly my skin is combination, and not totally oily. So, it may not be moisturizing enough for me, but I am sure it will be good for summers. I am using the cream every morning after washing my face. I do all the household chores, including cooking after that. Generally, my face starts sweating and tends to get very greasy during this time. However, with Bajaj NoMarks Cream, I am not facing this issue. And to my surprise, I do not see any dullness even after my kitchen chores. The face looks quite fresh for a long time.

I had a few spots on my face. Generally I do not breakout often,but recently I could see some zits here and there. And annoyingly all these had left dark spots. I needed something that would take care of the spots and then when I started using the Bajaj NoMarks Cream. And no it did not give me instant "zit-zap" results. What it did instantly was to make my skin totally oil free and keep it looking fresh. I will not exaggerate but Bajaj NoMarks Cream can be your ideal cream if you want a fresh look for a longer time. Now coming to the marks part, yes it takes some time but it actually works on marks. It is no miracle product, but is a very good one indeed.

1.Works on spots
2.Does not make skin greasy
3.Keeps skin fresh for a long time
4.Very apt for summers
5.Prevents further breakout
6.Lightweight and easy to carry
7.Smells nice
8.Light mousse like texture
9.Has lemon extracts
10.Very affordable

1.Not very moisturizing
2.Takes time to wok on spots but definitely shows results


Bajaj NoMarks Cream is a highly affordable and effective cream suitable for beauties with oily and acne-prone skin. It works well to reduce greasiness, shine and spots and keeps the skin fresh for long.

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