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Best Home Delivery Restaurants for Bengali Food in Mumbai

There will be a selective few who will not enjoy Bengali Food. However, in Mumbai there are a very few options of Bengali Food, specially when it comes to order food online. Being a Bengali with a passion for food, I often miss some delicacies that are very common back home, but due to lack of time and ingredients can never actually prepare those. However, after a thorough study here I have listed few home delivery restaurants in Mumbai for authentic Bengali cuisine.

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Bijoligrill: Situated at Hiranandani, Powai, Bijoligrill serves authentic Bengali cuisine. Their Aam Panna drink, Bangla Polao, Mochhar Ghonto are finger licking delicacies anyone would love to indulge in. Being a Bengali restaurant their variety of fish preparations also deserve a special mention. The Fish Fry, Ilish Maccher Paturi and Daab Chingri are definitely their finest ones. They are just a call away at +(91)-22-67303919

Bhojohori Manna: The name derived from an old poem where a cook named Bhojohori Manna rants on his super skills to make people happy with different dishes from around the world, sparks a lot of interest. Situated in Jogeswari, their exclusive range of preparations, starting from the very simple shukto to exotic cuisines like Chingri Maccher Malaikari, are sure to give everyone the real taste of Bengal. Food can be ordered at +(91)-22-66720806
Oh!Calcutta: Oh! Calcutta is a chain of restaurants whose branches are situated in various parts of Mumbai, namely Khar West, Andheri West and Tardeo. It is one of the finest in Bengali dining with a platter full of mouth watering food. Starting from fries to exquisite sweets and savories, you name it and you get it there. If you are planning to order from Oh! Calcutta just dial

022 - 26487920 for Khar

022 - 26364975 for Andheri

022 - 66780011 for Tardeo.

Hanglas the Taste of Kolkata: Hanglas is probably the most popular home delivery option for Kokata based food in Mumbai. Although they have all sorts of food option like main course and side dishes, their speciality lies in exclusive snack items like Egg roll, Chicken Cutlet, Fish Fry etc. They have various branches throughout Mumbai and here are the contact details of some:

Kandivalli East: +(91)-22-49183510

Juhu: +(91)-22-61626130

Andheri East: +(91)-22-71043323

The Calcutta Club: Situated in Andheri West, The Calcutta Club offers special treats from the City of Joy. You can get awesome options of veg and non-veg delicacies from the banks of Ganges. To order try 91)-22-65013733.

So these are some of the few Bengali restaurants for home delivery food in Mumbai. There are many more like Bong Adda, Taste of Kolkata and Kolkata Callin. These home delivery options definitely make life easier for people who are fond of authentic Bengali cuisines. No wonder why Mumbaikers love home delivery restaurants!!

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