Sunday, March 15, 2015

#ChooseToStart Anew with Moto E Smartphone

 In today’s fast world, we have to be smart enough to choose things that make us smart too. A smartphone is that daily weapon that can actually be the smartest friend to stay beside every time you need one. I have been using Smartphones since a couple of years and have come to know how much useful these can actually prove to be.

After, looking into the features of the new dashing MotoE Smartphone, I am totally smitten. I am no expert in the technicalities of a gadget, however, my expectations from a Smartphone are majorly based on my personal and professional necessities. So, accordingly, I #ChooseToStart a few things that will be helpful for me.

As a blogger by profession, I need to be online almost all throughout the day. However, it is quite hard for me to keep sitting in front of the laptop for hours together. The multi-tasking features of Moto E has made me believe that it would relieve me from this situation quite easily. So, if in between making lunch, or doing my laundry, I need to check my mails or any updates while listening to my favourite songs, I know my Moto E Smartphone is there to make me do that.

It is always a pleasure to catch up with friends and relatives over Skype. But often it becomes impossible to adjust the time as there are so many other work to do. My Moto E Smartphone would be an ideal platform to make this process easy, even when I am out for a walk, or travelling somewhere. With great sound and seamless video, I am sure I would be able to catch up with my near and dear ones quite easily.

Again, my profession often compels me to travel far distances. So Safety Apps, Map guides and Cab Facility Apps are a must to be included in my mobile. Moto E, with its long battery life will make sure to be my Knight in shining armour in times of need, without the requirement of constant charging.

Last but may be most important, I have to take pictures for my blog and I require perfect clarity for that. The 5 MP camera of Moto E Smartphone will definitely fulfil my desire of getting the best shots a blogger can look for. I can keep on clicking pictures to my heart’s content, without being worried
about the storage limit.

I believe the wonderful features of Moto E Smartphone will surely help to start these things very smoothly and efficiently, making my daily life smoother and easier, and that too within a budget.

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