Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crishion is In

Style and fashion is not restricted to the ramps alone nowadays. It has hit our daily lives; it has hit our favourite sportsmen too, especially in the world of cricket. World Cup Cricket 2015 has spread the cricket craze along with some frantic fashion as well. 

Nowadays, cricket and fashion are like salt and pepper. They are so different from each other but they still need each other. It is almost like today’s youth is getting motivated by the fashion, their favourite cricketers sport. Cricket history suggests very little mention of fashion on the fields, although we can still find out some subtle hint of style from yesteryear cricketers. But, nowadays cricketers, apart from performing in the field are also seen performing on stage, in advertisements and sometimes also walking the ramp. Apart from performing in front of the camera they also appear to be fashion-friendly on the field, and with link-ups to fashionable svelte ladies of the tinsel-town, how can they even remain unnoticed when it comes to fashion. Here is an insight into some hottest stars on the field who has made “Crishion” (read Cricket+Fashion) a way of life.

Virat Kohli: With 18 centuries in ODIs and steaming performance in the world cup, we have seen him on-screen appearing in ads and walking the ramps for his well-known styles. The 5 feet 9 inches cricketer is one of the best style icons nowadays and he is so hot. He is one of the leading heartthrobs as well.

Mahinder Singh Dhoni: How can we forget the present captain of India? With the outstanding leadership qualities and amazing performance on-field he is well-known for his hair-cuts from the long hair to the now short and cute one. He is a sweetheart. 

Shikhar Dhawan: Dhawan and his moustache are like in a forever relationship. He likes styling his moustache other than bringing a storm on the field. And not to forget his upright collar too.

Lasith Malinga: The Sri-Lankan cricketer is famous for his bowling skills as well as for his famous hair-styles. His golden streaks remind me of maggi. Jokes apart, he is also famous for his momentous tattoos. 

Chris Gayle: Other than hitting a tornado with his bat he is pretty famous for his styles especially with his hair. His fashion sense is pretty incredible as well. He is appeal is illustrious in women throughout the world.

Tillakaratne Dilshan: The Sri-Lankan all rounder is well-known for his stylish and attractive beard.

These players are both comfortable on the field with their hard hitting performances as well as sporting new styles now and then. I hope by reading this you get an idea of how cricket has changed over years when it comes to fashion, and how the youth have got influenced with the Crishion of these fashionable heart-throbs.

By Airene

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