Monday, March 30, 2015

Dream, Do, Dare for a #DigitalIndia

India, a developing nation with most of the land being dominated by rural regions, is striving her best to empower the economic structure of the nation by introducing and implementing new methods in all aspects, including education and technology.

The ruling government's motto of making India technologically advanced, along with the inception of E-Governance for a #DigitalIndia needs the support from all of us, we the people of the country. E-Governance wants to go digital in all aspects, starting from education to investments and handling individual finances. The vision is noble and will definitely bring about a positive change in the lives of many. 

A digital India will bring about improvement in a multiple factors.:

Education: With the advent of #DigitalIndia the dream of spreading education to each and every household will not be far off. Ease in finding educational institutes, counselling for the right courses and guidance for a better future can be achieved quite easily. 

Transactions: Paying monthly bills or rents will be a much easier task. The big gap of the civilian with the government for maintenance and payment of bills & taxes can be reduced. 

Communication: India is a densely populated nation. To make it a perfect democracy, the rights and voice of each and every citizen must be heard. Often there is a huge communication gap between the administrators and the common public and this can be developed in the form of direct messaging, chatting, mailing etc.

Apart from this E-Governance also will make the ties with Government employees much firmer with the ability to share work and files with each other, communicating through proper channels for a better way of running the government and above all to be able to act faster in times of emergencies.

However, the dream of  a successful #DigitalIndia will not be possible without a strong and stable support system. And here the strong support is definitely in the form of technology which is the key to this vision. Until and unless a highly developed technology system is made to run this idea of #DigitalIndia, the process can be slow. Therefore with the strong support of Intel's highly powerful and advanced technological system the dream of #DigitalIndia will truly be a success.

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