Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fab Bag February 2015 The Date Night Review

Hey, everyone. Hope all of you are doing great!! So, today I'll be reviewing the FAB BAG FEBRUARY 2015. I know I'm very late for this and its time for the March Bag. But what to do? This arrived on 3rd March. I wanted to do the review immediately but I have been held up with so much work of late. I'm in standard 12th right now and you know life of a student preparing for boards. Anyways, without much delay let's just get into the review.

About Fab Bag: At FAB BAG, we are beauty experts and addicts driven by our passion for high quality beauty products and delightful service. We recognize that our members are beauty enthusiastic women looking for great products that would work for their specific beauty needs and tastes, but do not have enough time, access or resources to try out and experience all that is available. We work hard in association with brands to select 3 amazing products exclusively customized for each member and send them in a delightful box to her doorstep every month; so that she never has to make the expensive mistake of buying products that do not work for her! We also advise members on how to make the best use of these products and keep them abreast of the latest beauty and fashion trends and insider know-how through our magazine.

Price: 599/- per month.
Packaging: The product came in a moisture retentive pack inside which lay the final product- FAB BAG FEBRUARY 2015 THE DATE NIGHT.

FAB BAG FEBRUARY 2015 THE DATE NIGHT is a black heart-shaped leather handbag with stylish chain-like handles which you can carry anywhere. After unzipping, we can find 5 products in it with a Fab Post Magazine (date night special), a discount coupon and a price list (I've lost it). There are three full-sized products and two sample sized products.

The products which I got are:

1. Livon Moroccan Silk Serum: This is priced at 259/- for 59 ml. I got the 30 ml one which is priced for 143/-. I use it whenever I need to go out. I apply on washed and damp hair.

2.      LA Splash Lip Couture in Poison Apple: This one is priced at 1000/- . I'm so disappointed with this color. I was expecting a better brighter color. This shade is like vermillion (liquid sindoor). I strongly hate this type of colours. But the staying power is quite long and it dries instantly. Only if I could have got a better color I would have loved it.

3.      Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Color in Shimmering Lilac Frost: This one is priced for 375/-. . Now, again a disappointing shade. I was expecting a brighter and more pigmented color. It's a pinkish-brown color. I've to apply like 3-4 coats to get a pigmented shade. It starts chipping after 1 or two days.

4.      Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap Free Cleanser: This one is priced at 295/- for 45 gm. I got a 5 gm sample. It's a powder cleanser and smells like fenugreek. As soon as I use it, my skin feels light and hydrated. I'm pretty happy with this.

5.      Kama Ayurveda Brightening Night Cream: This one is priced at 1195/- for 50 gm. I got a 5 gm sample of this. The texture is creamy and it is good for all skin types. I've not used it yet.

So, that's all in my FAB BAG FEBRUARY 2015 THE DATE NIGHT edition. Two most expected products disappointed me a lot. Although they ask for personalization, I doubt if they really check the individual's preferences before sending the bag. However, I'm satisfied by the rest of the products. All the details of the products are given in the magazine. My favourite part is the bag. Hope you all liked it!!!!!!

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By Airene

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