Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fab Food from #FarMoreSingapore

Singapore, a city very famously depicted by the Lion, a nation known for its strict rules and clean roads, Singapore- a destination for millions of tourists and students and last but not the least the mammoth variety of food that it offers.

The busy streets of Singapore is no new to an array of food joints. Starting from local delicacies to Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Pakistani or Spanish, the food joints sell a platter full of aromatic, mouth-watering delicacies. Local cuisine is mainly based on sea food like oysters, shrimps, squids etc. However, that is not all about it. Singapore is also a haven for meat-lovers like me.

Good food is something, I cherish but although born a Rosogolla eating pure Bengali, I dislike fish and seafood. In India our meat consist mostly chicken and mutton or lamb. We do not experiment much with the variety of meats back home. So, when in Singapore, I always go for their special Duck Rice. I have tried almost all the varieties available there, the one with the plain white rice, the one made with brown rice and the Teochew version. All of these are distinct in the cooking method and tastes, but my favourite is the Teochew one.

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The Teochew Duck Rice is made with yam rice, where the brown rice is blended with flavours of meats and braised into a flavour that is half burnt and half moist.The duck meat is braised separately and placed on top of the rice. The dish is accompanied with some Tofu Puff, commonly known as TaoPok in Singapore, eggs and peanuts. The dish in itself is a whole meal and really does not require anything else to be ordered alongside. 

So, if you happen to visit your heart out, shop till you drop but do not forget to taste the local flavours. #FarMoreSingapore

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