Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Feel Beautiful

How many of you feel beautiful always? May be some, may be no-one or may be all of you. What is your idea of feeling beautiful? Is it looking as svelte and smoldering like the moviestars, or as fit and athletic as the great sportsmen you admire.

Feeling beautiful is an art of living. Every living being is beautiful, we do not realize that but that is the truth. We may find fault in our outer appearances and tag ourselves as ugly or unattractive. But why do we forget that this is how nature has made us. You may have a flat nose, small eyes or thinning hair. That does not make you unattractive. You have to feel confident, you have to feel good to feel beautiful. 
Try to be happy. It is not easy as it sounds, but it definitely is no rocket science either. We face our share of ups & downs in life, we may feel down sometimes. However, we can figure out some activities that really make us happy. I know of people who feel happy doing the most mundane activities-some feel great in decorating the house, some in just simply scribbling their thoughts. There are times when you just feel like not doing anything. Enjoy that moment of with full heart. Do not just think you are being useless.

Thinking positive will always make you feel good. Failures are disheartening and affect us badly. But that does not mean the end of the world. Try to learn from the failure, and try to identify where you might have done something more to improve your performance. Feeling positive will make you feel happy and beautiful. 

When you are too stressed out due to work pressure, try to figure out some time for relaxing. Watch a TV show, read a book, go for a walk or just simply laze around or take a nap. When you are stressed out everything, including your own self appear to be bitter. A few minutes of break can boost up your mood and make you feel great once again.

It may sound vague but carrying yourself in your own style will make you more confident. Your style is simply does not mean that you have to wear the trendiest clothes or the most expensive jewelries. You have to make your own statement, it may be the way you carry your scarf, or may be the way you do your hairstyle. My mother used to make earrings out of fresh flowers and wear them. That was her style and that made her feel beautiful.

Be positive, be happy, be confident, relax and feel beautiful. 

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