Sunday, March 15, 2015

If there is a Will, there is a Way #together

Few incidents in life are remembered forever, be it good or bad. There are some stories that we are proud of and some that we wish had never happened.  In school, we were a group of close-knit friends. We went to each other’s houses and were known to each other’s parents. Our parents never objected to spending our times together. After our school, we went to opt for different courses in different colleges. We tried our best to keep in touch with each other. But lack of time, involvement in new activities and above all new friends created a distance, and slowly after 5 years, when I had to move to a new city with my first job, the tie with those friends had totally broken.

Often, in the midst of tremendous work pressure and coping up with new life all alone in an unknown city, I used to remember the times we spent #together with my school friends. So many memories entangled in the corner of my mind had to be unwounded. Times when we cracked jokes, times when we shared each other’s problems and those tough times before the exam results were about to be announced- all kept coming in the mind. I wished I could get back those days once again.

A couple of years back, after almost 15 years, I got a friend request from someone with a much known name. At first it did not click in my mind, but when I realised that she was one of my school-mates, I immediately accepted. As social media has almost replaced real time conversations, we use to chat with each other in our past times. Then there was this urge to find out the rest of the friends, who used to be in this close-knit group. And both of us searched and one day we came across them. Thankfully everyone was staying in our hometown, other than me. So, it was decided that when I would visit my hometown next, we would meet.

And finally, the much-awaited reunion arrived. I was so excited to meet my friends that I had almost eaten nothing for the entire day. We met at a coffee shop and were so thrilled to see each other. We spent the evening chatting, talking about ourselves, what we have been doing, and our plans. It was just like before, the fun conversations, the jokes, the quality time and the very feeling that we were back #together. We still continue to be in touch with each other through phone and chat. And we will do so in future also.

Distance, work, lack of time are just hindrances that we face to be with our closed ones. As we overcome other obstacles in life and reach our goals, these issues can also be taken care of. If there is a will there is a way and I believe if there is true friendship, there may be a  break but there can be no break-up.

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