Monday, March 23, 2015

Inatur Herbals Oil Control Face Wash Review

Summer is almost here and so are thousands of issues related to pimples, oiliness, shine and dullness. All we need during this time is a cleanser that ensures to check oiliness. Today I will be reviewing the Inatur Herbals Oil Control Face Wash that claims to do the same.

About Inatur Herbals Oil Control Face Wash:
Cleansing of your skin is an important daily ritual that is to be followed to remove excess oil, dust, perspiration, makeup and allow the skin to have some breathing space.
Inatur’s oil control face wash is enriched with Neem- that has anti-bacterial properties, helps in controlling pimples & acne and their recurrence. Clove oil- that prevents acne and kills infections, Basil- detoxifies the skin, improves the skin tone & prevents blackheads and Miliglobules- that provide gentle exfoliation. 
It helps to open clogged pores, eliminates impurities and excess oil and also prevents occurrence of pimples.

Price: Rs.170 for 150 ml Available here

Packaging: Inatur Herbals Oil Control Face Wash comes in a simple translucent green plastic tube with a transparent flip-open cap.

Product: The face wash is a transparent light greenish gel with a nice soothing fragrance

My Experience: Inatur Herbals Oil Control Face Wash attracts you the moment you see it. The packaging is fresh and summary. Secondly the light gel texture also is apt for oily skin. Third is the lovely fragrance, that evokes a fresh and clean feel in you. The face wash foams decently and removes all the oiliness from skin. you can see the difference after application. The skin feels soft and fresh, free of oil and dirt. 

There are some things that are really impressive about Inatur Herbals Oil Control Face Wash. It makes the skin look fresh, removing all signs of dullness and dirt. It also makes the appearance of the enlarged pores much smaller. It leaves the skin shine-free for a very long time. It does not do much for the blackheads. I do not have any pimple issue, but looking at the ingredients I am sure it will be helpful to prevent acne.

1.Prevents excess oil formation
2.Controls acne
3.Controls shine
4.Removes dirt
5.Leaves skin  fresh
6.Smells nice
7.Reasonably priced
8.Nice packaging
9.Works well on pores

1.Does not really work on blackheads


Inatur Herbals Oil Control Face Wash is a good face wash specially for the humid summer seasons. It will ensure an oil-free and dirt free skin for a long time and can do a check on pimples too. 

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