Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#KellogsWaleGuptaji, We are coming for Nashta

Are you just like me, who gets lost when it comes to Nashta? Yes I cook my meals at home and I do not have a help for cooking. Making the lunch and dinner is quite easy and I often plan that from beforehand. However, when it comes to Nashta, I often end up just having boring bread and tea. Yes my Nashta most of the time suffers from the lack of variety.

Lack of time and laziness often retrieve me to put in the extra effort that is required to prepare a good wholesome breakfast. However, a healthy breakfast is key to good health. Bread, milk etc. are good for your health, but do they really satisfy your taste buds? I guess no. What if for a break you are being invited to someone’s place for a healthy and tasty breakfast?

No wonder, my enthusiasm and excitement has crossed limits as #KellogsWaleGuptaji has called us for Nashta. I do not know what’s cooking, but I am sure it is definitely going to be healthy and tasty. Look at how the neighbours try to flock to Guptaji’s place just for breakfast. It may not be fair for Mr. Gupta, Master Gupta and Miss Gupta. But Mrs. Gupta seems to be delighted and unfazed by the sudden demand of everyone.

Something is cooking delicious in the house of #KellogsWaleGuptaji for Nashta. How can I stay back at the house? Like all the other friends and neighbours I will also rush to Guptaji’s place and will first breathe in the aroma of the delicious nashta and then start enjoying every bit of it, till it gets over. The mouth-watering flavours of the nashta is probably possible only at the house of #KellogsWaleGuptaji.

But should I just eat, say thanks and come back? Not really. I would ask for some tips from Mrs. Gupta to make my nashta also, so tasty and mouth-watering. I would definitely want to know what makes her breakfast so special that everyone wants to come and have Nashta at her place. How can I make my breakfast equally delicious, so that I can also bring a smile to everyone’s face at the breakfast table?

So, here I am, all set to go to have that much-awaited, most sought after and ever-trending Nashta at the house of #KellogsWaleGuptaji. I am eager, happy, excited and nervous at the same time. I am eager to know what they make, happy to be going there, excited to try the best breakfast possible and nervous if I would be welcomed there! Well, whatever my mixed bag of emotions convey, I am sure the Guptas will welcome me with warm heart and an equally warm breakfast. Are you coming with me?

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