Monday, March 16, 2015

Kenisha Calendula Sunshine Handcrafted Soap Review

My love for handmade soaps have reached a level where I almost identify it as my biggest addiction now. And keeping the tradition of my blog going, today I will talk about Kenisha Calendula Sunshine Handcrafted Soap.

About Kenisha Calendula Sunshine Handcrafted Soap:
This soap is gentle, soothing and healing and a great soap for your baby. But it’s also a great soap for people of all ages who suffer from skin conditions and who have ultra sensitive skin.
Calendula in soap helps to heal cuts, scrapes, wounds. It is a moisture-balancing soap perfect for sensitive skin.
Calendula is naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory and contains skin rejuvenation properties. With these benefits in mind, wash your face with this luscious soap – it is mild and over time you may see the wonderful benefits of calendula on your skin!

Price: Rs.150 for 100g Contact here
Packaging: Keeping the purity intact the Kenisha Calendula Sunshine Handcrafted Soap is packed in a thin & transparent plastic wrap, through which the soap can be seen.

Product. The soap is cream in colour and has a cute cupcake shape. It smells light and fresh as a calendula flower.

My Experience: Kenisha Calendula Sunshine Handcrafted Soap immediately caught my fancy with its simple and cute look. The subtle fresh scent also convinced me that it is truly natural in all sense. I have heard of calendula creams before, that is great for skin and soothes irritation and rashes. This is the first time I am using a soap that has these benefits. Sometimes I get rashes during summers, specially when there is a lot of sweating. Areas like neck, underarms etc can get affected by this. As Kenisha Calendula Sunshine Handcrafted Soap promises to heal any sensitive skin condition,with its calendula power, I tried the soap. And it is definitely a very soft and healing treatment for irritation and rashes. I am sure it can work great on baby's nappy rash.

Kenisha Calendula Sunshine Handcrafted Soap is made for sensitive skin. I am sure it will be very effective for soothing prickly heat during extreme climatic conditions. Also, the inclusion of olive oil ensures the skin is hydrated well, while shea butter softens it.


Kenisha Calendula Sunshine Handcrafted Soap is a wonderful healing product for different issues, like rashes, prickly heat, cuts and wounds. I would strongly recommend the soap for all who suffer from sensitive skin.

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