Sunday, March 22, 2015

L81 Rose Petal Handmade Soap Review

I am back again with a handmade soap and this time it is the L81 Rose Petal Handmade Soap.

About L81 Rose Petal Handmade Soap:
Made with 100% Natural Rose Petals and Rose Oil for fairness and softening the skin Rose flowers has natural qualities to help your skin Premature Aging Acne Scarring Sun Burn Skin Hydration Improves Skin Tones Pigmentation Vamika recommends use Daily for Spa Treatment at home!

Price: Rs.250 for 100g Available here

Packaging: L81 Rose Petal Handmade Soap is packed in a thin plastic wrapper through which you can actually see the soap.

Product: The soap is bi-coloured with one side in a deep rose red colour, covered rose petals  on top and the other side in a light peach-pink colour. The smell is soothingly fresh just like rose petals.

My Experience: L81 Rose Petal Handmade Soap boosted my excitement as soon as I opened the wrapper to use it. The fresh smell and the presence of those petals definitely pulls out the explorer in me. This is one of the soaps that has real floral extracts and not only perfumed oils. Sounds exciting? Well, a shower with the L81 Rose Petal Handmade Soap  will prove to be more exciting. The softness that it provides is truly equals a moisturizer. It never dries the skin and leaves it soft and supple. I have used other 2 variants of soaps from L81 Handmade Soaps and undoubtedly this is the best of the lot.

L81 Rose Petal Handmade Soap is a rose lovers delight. It smells like a bouquet of fresh roses and keeps you fresh and energized. It can also reduce foul body odour due to excessive sweating. A truly summer-friendly soap that can make your summer days fresher and livelier.

1.Made of real rose petal extracts
2.Smells like a bouquet of fresh roses
3.Does not dry skin
4.Truly moisturizing
5.Freshens skin
6.Softens skin
7.Can reduce body odour
8.Leaves skin soft and supple
9.Can be used on dry skin

1.Packaging can be improved


L81 Rose Petal Handmade Soap is a collector's item. If you are a lover of handmade soaps and like floral fragrances, this is a must-have for you. A strong recommendation from me specially during the summers to reduce the effect of sweating.


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