Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let your skin be carefree this Holi!

Holi is just around the corner, and everybody is excited to unleash those colors, water guns and balloons on unsuspecting friends and family.  The vibrant festival, with all its fervor and energy, can also be a cause of worry for your skin. But this year, Lakmé is on a mission to make your Holi as much fun for your skin as it is for you. Here are a few simple things we suggest you do before and after Holi, to ensure problem free skin during the festivities:

Pre Holi:
1.       When you dig into your closet to find those ‘Holi’ clothes, pick up something that covers most of your skin, like long sleeved t-shirts and cute full length PJs!
2.       Generous amounts of your favorite Lakmé Peach Milk moisturizer will ensure that even a rough celebration of Holi doesn’t harm your skin. While making it easy to take the color off later, it will also keep the glow of your skin intact.
3.       Oil your hair to keep it protected from the damage caused by chemical colors
4.       Don’t forget to apply Lakme Sun Expert before you step out for your Holi party to protect you skin from the harmful UV rays and avoid those ugly tan lines.

Post Holi:
1.       A thorough wash after the party is essential to rid your skin of all the chemical colors, dirt and grime
2.       Lukewarm water and a soap with moisturizers will ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out. Remember that your skin needs gentle care, so do not scrub it too hard or expose it to scalding water
3.       Use substantial amounts of Lakmé Peach Milk at least for a week after the Holi party to ensure that your skin’s moisture needs are met

Keep these simple tips in mind and don’t let skin woes dampen your Holi spirit. Have a happy and colourful Holi!

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