Friday, March 6, 2015

#LookUp and Make Optimism a Way of Life

While studying a book on Human Minds and behaviour, I came across references of certain incidences where just being optimistic had actually saved lives in many instances. From that day I decided to make optimism as an integral aspect of my life.

What had inspired me most was an incident from long back - a lost ship with sailors in it, who were dying slowly of cold, hunger and sickness, and how a cat which had entered the ship when it had taken off the shores, avoiding anyone’s notice, strived back the small moments of happiness, the feeling of love and playfulness back in their lives. They started to live once again, started laughing and above all got back the feeling of being alive. This optimistic feel made them take necessary actions in finding out a way to survive and finally a few of them could actually find their way back the shore somehow, not to mention along with that cat.

Like optimism, pessimism is also a very dominant factor in every individual. Moments of bitterness, grief, failure, personal losses etc make this aspect much more prominent. A pessimistic person always finds the world bitter, has very little expectation and hope from anything. Pessimism often prevent us from giving our best shot to any work we do. Being optimistic automatically makes our performances better.

An optimistic person always sees the world around in a positive way. People who care about others are basically optimistic and try to make the world better. We see so many social activists around who fight for others or for some noble cause. These people have made optimism a way of life. They have faith in the future, in themselves and they believe nothing is impossible if your thinking is on the right track.

As we look back in history, we can see every great person were dreamers who had positive wishes and lot of optimism in them. When we feel low, staying with people who boosts confidence and a high spirit may get back the feel-good factor in us. It is always best to keep company of such people who bring happiness and positivity in life. A positive thought, healthy laughter, some moment of bliss can bring back any lost stray thoughts back in the right path.

It is often seen, youngsters who has given in to addiction, come from broken or dismantled families, where fights are quite common. Lack of peace at home make them feel unwanted and they find solace in the wrong company. It is highly important to provide a healthy and friendly atmosphere for the youngsters to grow properly. Young teenagers go through a lot of emotional and hormonal changes, and are very sensitive, so making them feel optimistic is our duty.

We should #LookUp and spread optimism around to make this world healthier and more beautiful.

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