Sunday, March 22, 2015

Make happy, Be Happy

A person may buy everything that he needs, but he cannot buy happiness. This reminds me of the old story, where a king who has got all the riches in the world, but still never feels happy and wonders how a homeless man always spends his entire day smiling his way out. 

Happiness by any means cannot be bought or taken, it is a feeling from within. When I was young my English teacher often used to tell me, “Make happy be happy”. He was and will be my favourite teacher. He was a cancer survivor, and I never saw him being rude or scolding others in the class. There was always a smile in his face that never faded. I wish I had learnt to possess the same power as hi, the power of being happy all the time. But alas, happiness can neither be learnt, nor inherited. However, there are some things that can be learnt or inherited to be happy.

Likewise, I have learnt that if I can bring smile to anyone’s face, I can get back the smile on my face too. I like to surprise people, with small little things, without any reason or without any occasion. Sometimes, I like to send my cousins small little gifts that may be nothing expensive, but definitely valuable, as they make them happy. I often love to give chocolates and cakes to my house-help’s little son. Whenever he meets me, there is a smile in his face that is incomparable to any gift in the world. This makes me happy.

When my father-in-law was there, I used make some culinary experiments with the evening snacks. He used to be so pleased and blessed me every time. What can be more precious than this gift? This used to make me happy. This happiness will never come back in my life as my father-in-law is no more, but I know his blessings will always be there with me and that makes me feel happy.

So, is spreading happiness restricted to humans only? Then why do I feel really excited and happy every time, my neighbours dog Pebbles plays with me and licks me out of love. Why can’t I stop smiling when she jumps with joy whenever she sees me? Isn't that happiness?

Yes, small little things of making happy brings happiness to me too. I feel happy whenever the children would try to play Trick or Treat on Halloween, and I bring a smile to their face with the candies. Being a beauty blogger, I get parcels from different brands delivered to my doorsteps almost all the time, no matter if it is hot, cold or raining. I feel happy, but what brings me more happiness is the gratitude and smile on the delivery man’s face when I greet him with a simple “Thank you”.

So, small notes of thanks, sharing quality time with others and spreading some happiness with others is actually what makes me happy. 

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