Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Envy Box March 2015 Review

Hey everyone, hope all of you are doing great. So, today I'm going to review My Envy Box March 2015 edition. I was quite thrilled to receive it. The March Envy Box is a special edition for women's day. So, without wasting much time let's get into it.

About My Envy Box: 

My Envy Box is basically a subscription box which comes with samples from luxurious brands. My Envy Box is based out of New Delhi and launched their services in August, 2013. They have three sections in the website:

The Envy Box: Each month subscriber will get a box of samples of leading beauty products 

Content: Learn about the latest product and trends in beauty from our beauty experts at Elle magazine and our in-house beauty experts. 

Shop: When you are ready for more of the products you sampled, you can purchase full-size versions directly from the Boutique.

Price: 850/- per month 

Packaging: The product came in a moisture retentive pack inside which there was a white cardboard box. Inside the white cardboard lay My Envy Box March 2015 edition.

My Envy Box March 2015 edition is a mint green coloured box with the company's logo on it. Inside the box lay a card which is a special greeting for women and it also offers a 15% off on products with code 'EnvyWomen' . 

Now lets see what's more:

The products came in a rose-pink satin pouch like the previous box. 

The products I got are:

Babor Intensive Repair Cream: A very rich, deeply regenerative 24 hr moisturising cream for intensive cell renewal and regeneration. It promotes cell renewal and refines the surface of the skin, leaving the complexion looking more even-toned, regenerated, smooth and supple. I received three sachets of this cream. I don't know what's the quantity of each sachet. 

Price: 4490/- for 50 ml. 

Babor Daily Calming Cream: An intensively calming cream for sensitive skin that visibly relaxes and calms the skin. This cream can be used as a 24-hour day cream or as a day cream in combination with Intense Calming Cream. I received three sachets of them as well again not knowing the quantity. 

Price: 4999/- for 50ml

Babor Extra-Firming Cream: This specially formulated treatment cream improves and strengthens elasticity aiding in the delay of light-induced aging. Strengthening the skin's natural defense mechanisms it helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin looking more youthful. I received a sample container of this cream which has a pretty decent amount of cream. I don't exactly what quantity it is. 

Price: 11999/- for 50ml.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Perfume: Inside is a fragrance. Like an Haute Couture gown caressing the skin, crafted from subtle notes and making the woman who wears it enchanting and divine. Woody and floral scents that bear the supreme sensuality and radiant sparkle of gold. This smells divine. I received a 1 ml sample. 

Price: 6775/- for 50 ml and 8275/- for 75 ml.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour: This is my favourite thing in the lot. The shade I received is called as Mr. Copper's Field. It is a beautiful shimmery sand-gold colour with a tint of copper. The colour is not very pigmented but very good for neutral looks. I love this. I received a full size product. 

Price: 445

So, that was all in My Envy Box March 2015 edition. I don't know why there are so many anti-ageing products in it. I'm going to give my mom all the Babor products in this box and will keep the eye-shadow and perfume to myself. Hope you liked it.

By Airene 

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