Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Navarasas Under Eye Gel Review

Products made out of aromatherapy oils sound really exciting to me. I have used a lot of products whose base is made with aromatherapy oils, but this is the first time I have used something like that for the eyes. Today I will be talking about Navarasas Under Eye Gel.

About Navarasas Under Eye Gel:
Navarasas personalizes products on the basis of your needs and preference. I wanted a special blend that can soothe my eyes. I do not suffer much from dark circles, but puffiness and tired looking eyes are some of the common problems that I face. So, the brand suggested this Under Eye Gel.

Packaging: Navarasas Under Eye Gel comes in a transparent plastic jar with a similar twist-open lid and inner white lid.

Product: The gel has a whitish translucent texture with a very light watery feel that immediately gets absorbed by the skin. It has the most wonderful smell.

My Experience: Long hours of working with a laptop, wearing glasses all the time have given me tired looking eyes. I do not suffer from dark circles, but often sunken eyes or puffy eyes are common. I needed something that can soothe my eye area and address these issues. Navarasas Under Eye Gel is a superb product that immediate relaxes the tired eyes through its pleasant smell as well as the nice cool effect. I would suggest using it at night before going to bed.

The next morning I find the eyes more alive and awakened, with less sign of dullness or strain. The wonderful lavender infused smell is surely a sleep booster as it relaxes the mind and almost sings a lullaby to your tired self.


Navarasas Under Eye Gel is one of the best eye soothers I have ever used. It perfectly addressed the issues that I have been facing, so I would definitely suggest it to those who suffer from tired eyes. To get to know more visit here .

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