Monday, March 2, 2015

Sand For Soapaholics Ksheera Review

Hello beautifuls, hope you had a nice weekend. I was a bit busy doing household chores and some cleaning.So had little time to write about anything. Today I want to share my views on a body cream that I have been using for sometime now, and it is the Sand For Soapaholics Ksheera.

About Sand For Soapaholics Ksheera:
Get nutty and naughty with our deeply moisturizing body lotion made from nourishing Goat Milk and Almond Oil that is obtained after carefully cold-pressing almonds. Packed with vitamin E, it keeps your skin hydrated at all times. And that’s not all! Enriched with Rosemary, Marjoram and Lavender Essential Oils, this cream will leave your skin soft, smooth, and smelling amazing all day long

Price: Rs.246 for 30g
Rs.410 for 50g
Rs.820 for 100g Available here

Ingredients:Every 10gm contains Infusion of Star Anise Fruit (Illicium verum) (50.41%), Oil blend of Olive Seed (Olea europaea), Almond Seed (Prunus amygdalus), & Wheat Germ Seed (Triticum sativum) (18.66%), Powder of Goat Milk (8.07%), Butter of Mango Kernel Ext. (Mangifera indica) (5.04%), Beeswax (4.03%), Vegetable Glycerine (3.02%), Ess.Oil blend of Marjoram Leaf (Origanum majorana), Neroli (Citrus aurantium), Lavender Aerial part (Lavandula stoechas), Sweet Orange Fruit (Citrus sinensis) (2.00%), Potassium Sorbate (1.01%), Extract of Rosemary Flower (Rosmarinus officinalis) (0.20%) - See more at:

Packaging: Sand For Soapaholics Ksheera comes in their usual metallic gold plastic jar with twisted cap.

Product: The white lotion has a creamy consistency and spreads quickly on the skin. The smell is very herbal with a bit nutty touch.

My Experience: As I always say, I have pretty dry body skin and I require adequate hydration throughout the day. Sand For Soapaholics Ksheera is meant for dry skin and has a thick consistency. It spreads smoothly, leaving an initial veil of a little oiliness but slowly melts into the skin. It literally drenches the skin with superior moisturization. 

Sand For Soapaholics Ksheera is one of the most hydrating lotions for dry skin. It is just perfect for the winters. It keeps the skin hydrated for a very long time, without need of any reapplication. Beauties with very oily skin may find the Sand For Soapaholics Ksheera a bit greasy. But it is just the cream I need for my dry skin. I would have just wanted the fragrance to be a bit more nutty and sweet.

1.Very moisturizing
2.Natural Ingredients
3.Suitable for dry skin
4.Keeps skin hydrated for a long time
5.Nice packaging
6.Suitable for winters

1.Smell can be improved


Sand For Soapaholics Ksheera is a very good hydrating lotion for dry skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin, eliminating dryness and making the skin smoother and softer. I highly recommend it to all with dry skin.

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