Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sands for Soapaholics Nutty Vanilla Bathing Soap Review

How tempting does it sound to get yourself indulged over a large dollop of chocolate icecream, covered with vanilla cream and sprinkled with freshly ground coconut? Mouth-watering? Keep on reading while I review the Sands for Soapaholic Nutty Vanilla Bathing Soap.

About Nutty Vanilla Bathing Soap:
Vanilla is one of those words that can make you drool. Rich in vitamins and antioxidant properties, it protects and soothes like no other. We added fresh Coconut to hydrate your skin. And as if that wasn’t enough, we then went on to blend in Cocoa Butter for that smooth finish.

Price: Rs.360 for 75 g
Rs.480 for 100g
Rs.960 for 200g
Rs.2400 for 500g
Available here

Packaging: Sands for Soapaholics Nutty Vanilla Bathing Soap comes in a plain plastic packet.

Product: The soap is coffee brown in colour with chocolate chip like ingredients splattered here and there. It smells sweet like cocoa butter and vanilla mixed together.

My Experience: I am crazy about gourmet and savory aromas. Sands for Soapaholics Nutty Vanilla Bathing Soap is the kind of bathing product I will invest my bucks on. First the wonderful fragrance of cocoa butter, the nuttiness of the coconut and the sweet vanilla will surely give arouse your senses. The soap looks quite simple yet the chocolate chip like splinters make the look quite exotic. The creaminess of the soap can be well assumed from the very first use. The body is covered with rich creamy foam and when you rinse the soap, the skin is left soft and smelling like a bar of chocolate.

Sands for Soapaholics Nutty Vanilla Bathing Soap leaves the skin soft and silky. I would definitely suggest to use an equally tempting smelling lotion or cream if at all you need to hydrate. As the smell of this soap is really luxurious and you would not want it to get overlapped by something else. Sands for Soapaholics Nutty Vanilla Bathing Soap is a truly luxurious experience one would not like to miss out on.

1.Enriched with antioxidants
2.Includes coconut extracts for hydration
3.Smells very good
4.Leaves skin silky and smooth
5.Does not make skin dry
6. Smell stays for a long time

1.Packaging needs to be improved for the price


Sands for Soapaholics Nutty Vanilla Bathing Soap is a sheer luxury with sweet irresistible aroma and awesome hydration powers. It is a must-have for those with a taste for nutty sweet smell and want some kind of luxury in their bath.

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