Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SOS: Antioxidant Therapy

Hey girls, do you agree that when we hit our 30's a whole lot of skin related issues start bothering us? Well, I face a lot of these, specially pigmentation, dull skin and above all enlarged pores. I sometimes require to renew my skin with an at-home pampering session. Anti-oxidant rich products are great for skin renewal. These are known for help improving skin texture by refining pores, renewing cells and doing away with spots. Once in a while I treat my skin with a very useful antioxidant Therapy session.

Exfoliate with Inatur Pomegranate Scrub: 

Available here

Think detoxifying, and what can be beter than sloughing off the dirt and impurities from your skin with a handful of pomegranate seeds? Inatur Pomegranate Scrub is simply outstanding with its ability to get rid of dullness. You can feel the difference just after you rinse your face after massaging it for a minute or so.

Deep Clean with Yves Rocher Spanish Pomegranate Healthy Glow Mask:

Double dose of those pink jewels for your face? The Yves Rocher Spanish Pomegranate Healthy Glow Mask gives a soft silky radiant skin within 3 minutes. It is undoubtedly one of the best masks to give an instant glow. The anti-oxidant rich mask makes sure your skin looks perfectly pampered.

Hydrate with Arish Antioxidant Green Tea Serum:

Available here

Have you ever heard of a serum that costs less than Rs.500 and gives magical results? Well Arish Antioxidant Green Tea Serum is the one. It is a simple non-fancy serum with green gel like texture. You can get an even texture after using this serum. The strong antioxidant properties of green tree makes it a superior agent to give a flawless spot-free and refined complexion.

This is my Antioxidant Therapy to get rid of dullness and achieve an even-toned skin. Hope you like it. Please let me know if you want to read the review of any of these products.

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