Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Treat Your Lingerie the Right Way

Lingerie is the closest thing to your skin. But we often ignore when it comes to getting the right shape, size or fit. A good quality lingerie not only improves the body shape, but also makes your favourite dress look more complementing on you. Like taking the right precaution to choose the perfect lingerie, one needs to take care of it in a proper way too.

Like some exclusive dresses that we buy for special occasions, one should invest in some basic lingerie sets, like a nude, a black and one very special one that makes her look & feel more feminine. It is very important to take care of these inner wear, so that they remain in good condition for a long time.  Here are certain tips to take care of your lingerie:

1.     Wash them before use: It may sound weird, but it is always advisable to wash the lingerie before using them. This is because there are a lot of trials going on stores, and you really do not want to use something that has been tried by others without sanitizing it. 

2. Use light or liquid detergents: Generally good lingerie is made of very delicate fibre and there is somewhere an elastic is attached for perfect fit. Harsh detergent may either harden the fibre or spoil the colour. 

3. Restrict soaking time: We often soak our clothes in water for a long time. However, as good lingerie is made of delicate fabric, it is better to soak the lingerie in water for not more than 15-20 minutes. Too much soaking may even affect in the elasticity.

4. Try Hand Washing: This may not sound appealing but, again the elasticity of your lingerie determines the fit and machine wash may have adverse effect on the same. So it is advisable to hand wash the lingerie without using a hard brush.

5. Avoid direct sunlight: We can often see clothes get crisp dried under very high sunlight. However, for our lingerie, we have to refrain from letting them dry under direct strong sunlight. It is better to keep them for drying in a place where there is some shade. This will prevent them from getting coarse and crisp and instead will maintain the silky tenderness.

6. Do Not Clip the Pad: Hang your lingerie and attach the clips to the straps, instead of the padded portion. The cusp of the clip may form a permanent dent on that area making it look appear unflattering.

7. Do Not Fold: Once your lingerie is dried and ready to store in your drawer, do not fold it and place, instead keep them in its original form. It may require a bit of space more but it will make your lingerie stay perfect for long. If you are running short of space, try to hang the lingerie by its strap from a hook.

These are a few tips to maintain your precious lingerie in a proper way.

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