Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When I Initiated to #StartANewLife

Like any other college-goer, I had my dreams of becoming successful in life. And like any other caring parent, my parents had supported me for all the decisions that I had taken, guided me whenever I felt lost and had motivated me to take up new challenges. Life was going smooth with studies, friends, tuition and computer classes, until the dreadful day.

One morning I got up late and rushed to get ready for college. While brushing I realized I could not move my left lips much. I thought may be it was due to a cold or something, and I tried hard, but still I could not. I was scared, I could see the left side of my face was much swollen than the right one. But still I did not say anything to my parents. Even while chewing food I could realize that it was becoming difficult and almost impossible to chew with my left jaws. Still I kept quiet. I went to college and in between some light conversations with my friends, I tried to smile and realized the left part of my face, including all the muscles had actually become numb and immovable. My friends noticed the problem and immediately helped me to get a taxi to rush back home. I came home, and my mother was there, who got very scared of the situation and called my father at office. I was taken to a general physician, who suggested me to a renowned Neurologist.

At the doctor's place we were having the worst of our time. Every moment spent was like a year to us. My condition was becoming worse and I could not even speak normally due to the static state of the left side of my face. My mother started crying. The doctor checked me and with a little hammer he lightly hit my left face. I did not feel any pain, He said I had Bell's palsy and I would have to go through a thorough treatment for long. The treatment included a painful physiotherapy session and lot of medication. 

The physiotherapy sessions went for almost 1 and 1/2 months, everyday, with electric shock being inflicted on the left side of my face to reactivate the nerves. It was painful but I did not cry nor deviate from it. I sat still, holding back the tears throughout the session. I stopped going to college and tuition classes  for this time. My mother cried every day. My father motivated me with stories of hope. I knew it was a bad phase in my life, it might have bent me but could not break me. I stopped looking at the mirror all this while. I started to chew more with my left jaw. And one day I realized I could once again do things like before.

For me and my family it was like to #StartANewLife, overcoming a tough period. Still now I have a little bit deviation on the left side of my face. But that has not stopped me from doing anything. I get pointed out for that, I get questioned about it and even laughed at. But I know they are unaware of the pain that I had gone through and I ignore their remarks.I have moved on and I am happy.

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