Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Bit of Smile & More:#DilKiDealOnSnapdeal

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be called as a didi by a 4 year old when you are in your 30's? Well I know exactly how it feels. I am privileged to have a cousin who is 4 year old and the last time I saw her, she was just 2 years. But in the age of cyber communication distance is just a matter of a screen, be it on your laptop or your mobile phone.

Various forms of chat mediums have eased our lives and make us stay connected with our near & dear ones. However, the physical closeness still cannot be substituted. I have been listening to my cousin's voice, getting glimpses of her growing up, her cute conversations for sometime on phone. Now and then I have been gifting her with dolls and toys. She knows me well and keeps on asking me some new stuffs whenever we are chatting. 

She keeps on telling me stories of prince and kings, of giants and fairies. She tells and she believes that these people really exist, just like any child of her age. One story that caught her mind the most was that of Cinderella. She wants to be like her, and be as kind as her. I try to say, “You already are”.

Last year in September, before her birthday, I asked her what she wants from me as a gift to which she replied something I will never forget. She asked me can I be her Fairy Godmother and make her as beautiful as Cinderella. I was stunned at pure innocence of the child. I decided no matter what I have to plan something that makes her feel like Cinderella.

I thought of different options of gifting her like a huge cake, or may be a game which depicts her to be Cinderella. After lot of thoughts and research on internet I had the brightest idea of making the child’s birthday a special one, where she can feel like Cinderella. I ordered the prettiest dress and shoes, very similar to the ones she used to describe what Cinderella wore at the Ball.

I informed her mother from beforehand on my plans from. I wish I could be there on her birthday, but situation does not permit you to act according to your wishes always. However, I still had to do something and so I purchased a Fairy wand from a toy store.

On her birthday, just before she was about to cut the cake, her mother switched on the chat and I was ready with the wand. I said, “Dear I am your Fairy Godmother and you will be Cinderella for the evening” Her mother gave her the dress and the shoes and the smile I saw in her face was the most precious return gift I can ever think of.
She wore the dress and the shoes and really looked like a little Cinderella.

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