Sunday, April 26, 2015

Be Happy & Enjoy Life #CelebrateLifeAtIvy

Money is considered to be the most important ingredient to make the recipe of life tastier. However, is it enough to make us happy? Happiness is a feeling that can be achieved by small things that may not have any value in our lives. Money can buy everything, but happiness and love.
Our life is not actually a bed of roses, but that does not mean that we stop living with the fear of treading on thorns. Life is short and we need to find out a way to live every moment with smile and laughter, and to be happy from within. I am definitely not trying to present any philosophical ideologies here, but the things that make me happy may sound quite ordinary for most.
I become very happy when I can bring a smile on the face of my loved ones. I feel happy when I visit my parents, or when I listen to music. Happiness really cannot be bound by a few handfuls of factors. It can come anywhere from anything. Sometimes even the smell of damp soil can make you feel happy. For me a mug of smoking hot coffee every evening brings an incredible feeling, mixed with energy and pure happiness.

Watching a good movie can also elevate my mood and make me feel happy. I feel happy with the company of my good friends, to meet the old pals once in a while for some good food and chit chat. I am happy when I read a good book. A vase full of fresh orchids, birds chirping, the sound of a church bell and even a glass of cold lime water can make me feel happy.
Happiness does not require a reason. Even a sweet dream that you remember can bring happiness. The bonding that I share with my cousins makes me so happy that I seem to forget everything around. I feel happy even when my husband takes me for a ride on his bike. Some songs bring back very precious memories. I like to listen to these songs and remember the incident that is associated with it. There is a particular song which I like to listen to as that always brings back the memory of going through the mountain roads for the first time. It is thrilling, adventurous and undoubtedly brings a lot of happiness. 
It does not matter if we are rich or poor. It only requires a heart to be happy. Happiness is the best medicine to stay healthy. As said, life can never be picture perfect, but we can make a way out to enjoy it anytime, through any means. My motto of life, enjoy it the way it comes.

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